2020 Spring

Marina Gera – Emmy Award

The actress won the International Emmy Award for the Best Performance by an Actress for her role in the Hungarian film, Eternal Winter. It is a big deal because no one from Hungary has ever been a candidate so far for this award.

Marina has not had a lot of time to take a rest after the award ceremony held in New York, as she still receives a lot of invitations and enquiries, all the world wants to know her better. At the award ceremony, she stepped on the red carpet wearing clothes of Hungarian designers. The first person she called after receiving the award was Attila Szász, the director of the film, while she was receiving the congratulations of the English Adam Kemp, a double Emmy winner, who appreciated Marina’s great screenplay ideas and confirmed that he would be happy to work together with her.

Marina considers her father as her first master who has always supported her in developing her abilities.

The proof that she considers filming her profession is that she is the first Emmy Award winning assistant director in Hungary.

Luxury inside and out

The BARBARA LEBER Brand has added new products to its portfolio: premium nutritional supplements that help ladies to maintain their skinny shape, the beauty and vitality of their skin as long as possible.

The system elaborated in details, with the help of professionals, offers a complex solution to the problems of ladies at any stage of their lives, from losing weight to preserving health and dealing with aging. For example, using the BARBARA LEBER LIFESTYLE 1 WEEK – 1 WEIGHT SIZE package, you will have the chance to quickly fit in your coveted clothes without stress or starvation.

The designer who conceived and created the LFESTYLE program emphasized that these products based on a serious concept with such a high ingredient content could not be found in the stores.

Solution provider

The human ideal of the Renaissance era was the humanist scientist who was educated, proficient in different disciplines, was speaking languages ​​and believing in the joy of existence. Today there are only a few lucky people who fit the description of the “renaissance man” but Dr. Arne Gobert is one of them. He is a managing partner of Gobert Tax & Legal, a lawyer, a former dancer, the chairman of the German Business Club in Hungary, a board member, an amateur fashion designer and the “CEO of the Year” in one person. A German who can trace his family up to King Dagobert Frank but is still living and working in Hungary. He has been the chairman of the DWC, the German Business Club for seven years, consisting of top executives, decision makers and business owners. He has been awarded by the Hungarian Cross of Merit and is the Ambassador of the Miracle Lamp Foundation. His look is always perfect, even though he is not designing clothes but solutions.


Éva Szabó’s bags are unique, artistic pieces that make the wearers feel special.

BE DFFRNT pieces are designed for open, extroverted, ready-to-renew people. It is important for the designer to avoid repeating color combinations and to work with leathers of different colors and textures. She also takes special care not to lose any piece of material in the process of cutting, she re-uses all of them. This is the reason of the creation diamond-shaped keychains.

“I can get an idea out of anything. It’s a magical process of reinterpreting inspiration for the subject. Such as the Kite collection where I took the figure of the paper kite and created the deltoid and rhombus bags or when you can see the Bauhaus and Constructivism elements on my male briefcases. In the final result you may always find a twist, some special feature.” shared her artistic belief the designer.

Amusement park of the future

A VR Amusement Park opened in Budapest, which is unique in Europe. It is situated opposite the Nyugati station, in a 2000 m2 unique space. The amusement park of the future is an entertainment center never seen before in Hungary where we can be explorers, action heroes or even impersonate our favorite character. The modern and cool entertainment center has 5 themed spaces where everyone will find a suitable game to play. The VR Amusement Park offers a unique adventure experience where everything is possible, where we can enter an exciting movie and become an active character. Hungary’s first and Europe’s largest virtual reality adventure park is a three-level space complex designed for this purpose where we have the chance to splash across space and time and can enter even the Egyptian underworld, populated by demons and monsters or play some of the most popular video games.

Lover of colors

Dazzling colors and unique techniques characterize the paintings of Timea Budai. One day she woke up with the conviction that she could paint. Her main pathway is impressionism and expressionism but she has tried several different styles and directions. In 2019 she had left the impressionist line and with a sharp change and she moved to the direction of the colorful abstract. She has had individual exhibitions in Budapest and several other cities in the countryside and also has some artworks in private collections. Timea Budai declares herself an instinctive artist, a lover of colors. Apart from her artwork, she also teaches in her studio in Dunakeszi, she provides workshops for beginners, for both children and adults. In order to transfer her knowledge, she produces educational videos on YouTube about the creative process of making her own paintings.

Step up to the Easter ham!

If you want to get some fine Hungarian classic smoked ham for Easter, make sure you avoid the mass products made of artificial smoke and choose from demanding craftsmen. In case you want to raise the bar, you should take a look in the foreign market to find some top products. Cheaper hams are suspicious if they are too pink because they may contain too much nitrite while too much smoke should be avoided either. While in Hungary you may find some promising attempts, if you want to taste some really great ham it is best to look around in the Mediterranean countries and try some Italian Prosciutto Crudo, South Slavic Pršut, French Jambon de Bayonne, Portuguese Presunto and Spanish Jamón Serrano, all of them are great choices. However, the best of the best is the Jamón Iberico de Bellota ham, which is made of black-footed pigs – fed by acorn – some of which have been matured for eight years.

Ristorante Croce del Sud

Giuseppe De Rosa started his career at 14, he has been working in hospitality for 25 years so far and he is the most known restaurant owner in Lignano Sabbiadoro and surroundings. His restaurant, the Ristorante Croce del Sud is among the top international restaurants at the Adriatic coast, which is always rated 5/5 by the guests. The owner told us that he had been practicing his job since the passing away of his father and he was always motivated by the hard work of his parents. Apart from the restaurant, he is operating also an ice cream shop, the Mago del Gelato. Furthermore, he owns a hotel, Hotel Due Plame in Udine, which has its own restaurant. The Croce del Sud is widely popular among the guests, thanks to the innovative mentality of the owner, he tries to offer something new year by year to the clients including the meals to offer or the interior of the restaurant.


The Eternal City

Earlier this year, the magazine’s editor-in-chief spent a weekend with his family in the Eternal City, Rome and confirmed that it is worthwhile to visit the Italian metropolis, the center of the former Roman Empire even in January. While the three days were not enough to visit all the spectacular sights, they had the chance to visit the Citta Eterna’s most famous architectural works, just as the Vatican, the first seat of the Roman Catholic Church, or the St. Peter’s Cathedral, which could not be missed. One of the most important experiences in Rome was to see the Trevi Fountain, for the second time since 1994. According to the legend, money was being thrown into the water of the fountain again – now the euro – in order to make sure they would return to Rome one day.

Vietnam is waiting for us

Istria 94 Tours is stepping out from Europe this year. The travel agency that has been operating since 1994 is going to offer journeys to Vietnam from this autumn. Anikó Straub, the owner says: “Our office is opening up to the world, and the first stop is the Southeast Asian country.” The head of the office confirmed that before organizing any trip to Vietnam, they had discovered the new destinations in order to be able to answer all the passengers’ questions. They are offering journeys, flying from Budapest, to the south, central and north parts of the country. Highlights of the offer: sightseeing in Ho Chi Minh City, boat trip in the Mekong Delta, visiting Da Nang, the magnificent seaside resort, the Golden Bridge held by two giant hands, the giant theme park on Ba Na Hill, the ancient small town of Hoi An with the My Son temple (similar to the one in Angkor, Cambodia) and the northern capital, Hanoi.

Jacuzzi is the secret of home wellness

A  Jacuzzi is now a standard accessory for civilian homes. According to Roland Vezse, owner and CEO of SpaTrend, their mission is to support people’s recreation to fully relax and recharge. The secret to their success is to help their clients choose the Jacuzzi that suits their needs the best, just right from the start. They even sit with them in the chosen Jacuzzi, as they have everything to try on site. They have been distributing Hot Spring high quality products to the highest satisfaction of their customers for almost twenty years. The soft-walled Softub is more popular in America than in Hungary by now while it is easy to move and energy efficient. The purpose of the self-organized SpaTrend Expo Jacuzzi Exhibition and Fair is to present what is new in the industry and show the choice where Jacuzzi-fan customers can choose from.

Medicna Health Center

Our most precious treasure is our health. There are two important principles what the Medicina Health Center follows and keeps important.

In maintaining health the focus is on the prevention, which can be easily done with comprehensive screening. In addition, apart from preserving health, beauty support services are also available.

– We await our clients at the Medicina Health Center with 14 screening tests and preventive counseling – informs the Medicina Health Center company manager. Beatrix Lenkei adds that the expansion of outpatient care, medical and diagnostic backgrounds were driven by the ability to provide solutions to all needs and problems.

Our latest treating service – besides the massages – is the kaqun water bath, which is used to regenerate cells through enhanced oxygenation of the body, confirms Ms. Lenkei.

Konyha Bistro

Konyha (means kitchen) Bistro prepares traditional dishes with innovative kitchen techniques. They work from fresh ingredients, they have not used canned food for twenty years, and they use oil and margarine instead of fat. Their creative chefs are able to keep the consistently high quality while continuously participating in professional trainings.

Their menu includes light, steamed, grilled meals and traditional Hungarian dishes. They pay special care to people with food allergies: vegetarian, vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free foods are also on the menu.

“Our Wiener schnitzel is like grandma’s, and we prepare all dishes of international cuisines in an authentic way, with original spices. The most important thing for us is to have satisfied guests” – says Ferenc Tóth, owner, adding that they are opening their next store in the BC120 office building, in Váci street.

Grand Hotel Bellevue

​The biggest treasure of our Slovak neighbors is principally the amazing mountain, which provides unforgettable experience. Our ancestors have been enchanted since 11th century by this unique nature and High Tatras became a heritage of Hungary. The Tatra Mountains are known mainly as a tourists’ paradise. First the village of Vysoké Tatry and later the Tatra National Park has been managing the area. Nowadays, there are several hotels, guesthouses or apartments, so anybody can find the most suitable offer, being families with children, sports enthusiasts or companies. Grand Hotel Bellevue **** offers the perfect service satisfying all needs. The modern rooms, the classy wellness center, the conference center with high-level equipment, the wide range of activities, the excellent gastronomy and the professional staff guarantee the perfect relaxation in in the heart of the High Tatras.


The Abacus Business & Wellness Hotel**** Superior is located 25 km from Budapest, in Herceghalom. The hotel’s inspiring atmosphere, innovative environment and uncompromising gastronomical philosophy makes it the ideal place for family vacations, wellness weekends, conferences, business meetings and even weddings. The chef, Ferenc Toth, whose resume boasts with extensive foreign experience, uses simple, local and seasonal ingredients from Zsambek’s basin in his dishes. The majority of the spices he uses are grown in the kitchen’s own garden. Their dishes draw on both international sensibilities as well as the traditional Hungarian sense of taste; all while using modern culinary technology. The combination of gastronomical pleasures with a peaceful, familial atmosphere and modern environment translate into more than half the guests being regulars. Their success was further confirmed when Abacus Business & Wellness Hotel won the title of Best Rural Business and Conference Hotel in Hungary.

Salesman of the year is on video

Csaba Szekeres became the best sales representative of the 2019 General Insurance, as by the end of the year, he got more than four hundred clients, families. In the meanwhile, a video footage has been captured on his successful year where he confirmed that the key of his success was the ability of good organization. In addition, he emphasized that more than two hundred of his four hundred new client families have chosen him by recommendation. The main message of the film is that the most important value is a lifelong partnership. “This video gives an insight to my life, to my pathway, coming from foster care arriving to my success by making conscious steps all way long.” His secret how he has seven hundred families in his portfolio is that maintains a regular and personal relationship with his clients.

French against the Eastern cars

​Our spring issue features five cars with strong personalities. The two French get their fans focusing on the esthetic features. Style combined with high level technical content boost their sales. The design of the Peugeot 508 unites quality and elegance, providing not only a stunning 530 liter boot but also a superb dashboard. The DS3 Crossback gains its customers in the premium league, this urban SUV can win with its distinctive interior and detailed elaboration. The Škoda Kamiq, the smallest SUV in the Czech brand, is a good fit for the spring issue. Of course, this model is really practical, a good value for your money and sober as the other models from the brand.

The Mitsubishi ASX is conquered by its simple-structure power plant, which will provide good value in the used market for this compact recreational car. The Kia X-Ceed will be the best-selling Ceed. The 140-hp Korean car is great for domestic travel, which fits perfectly into today’s fashion trends.


The French ESSCA School of Management, established more than 100 years ago, which has been recognized by the Financial Times as one of the best business schools in the world, is launching a new Bachelor’s degree in English in Budapest from this September. Dr. Zsuzsa Deli-Gray, director of the ESSCA School of Management Budapest campus, emphasizes that ESSCA students receive high-quality training in academic, practical, and cultural terms during their three-year International Management Bachelor’s degree. As part of their management training, students spend one semester at a company of their choice for internship and another semester at a school on the ESSCA School of Management in France. At the end of their studies, students receive the French Bachelor in International Management degree from the ESSCA School of Management.

Generations wearing ZEMA

Although ZEMA – a Hungarian porcelain and jeweler brand – is quite young in the market, it could become an exclusive jewelry brand for the different generations. Among the wide range of choices offered by the brand’s porcelain jewelry palette you may find the traditional line for the elder generation, the fine arts motifs for the middle age, the glamor collections for the youngsters and the figurative pendants for the youngest generation. The mission of 21K gold and 23K platinum, handmade porcelain jewelry is to express their identity to the highest level, constantly moving between the present atmosphere and the always changing fashion, offering always new and exciting “jewelry pieces” to impress audience.

Social life

Through our brand column, we want our readers to receive an insight into various, high level and exclusive events, parties, inaugurations, films, theater plays and fashion shows, exhibitions, concerts, sports events, etc.

The list is endless but there something still common among the various events, the high quality, high standard and style. Our aim is to inform you about interesting activities and programs in each issue of our magazine.

In our spring edition we offer you reports on the Athlete of the year Ceremony, the Royal Diamond’s Valentine party, the Furever’s fashion parade organized on the occasion of the International Women’s Day and a special birthday party.

Oscar summary

The movie made by a story of an unemployed family in South Korea – who manage to get a leg in a rich family’s life and turn it inside out – made history this year at the Oscar Award Ceremony. The “Parasite”, which is changing genres in the same movie, from comedy to social drama, received four prizes at this year’s Oscar’s, such as the one for Best Film, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best International Film. The prizes for the actors brought no surprise, Joaquin Phoenix won the Best Male Actor for his stunning rendition of the thriller, Joker. Brad Pitt received his first Oscar for his role as a stuntman in the nostalgic movie by Tarantino, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Renée Zellweger took her second Oscar for her moving personation of Judy Garland in the movie, Judy. The biggest losers are Martin Scorsese’s mafia movie, The Irishman and the film of the First World War by Sam Mendes, the 1917.