2022 Winter

On sunny side

The conversation with the leaders of ST Solar Co., Ltd., a solar panel firm in Dunaújváros, belonging to the market leaders in this specialty, employing about fifty people and having very familiar atmosphere took place by chance shortly after the government lifted the obligation to refill electricity from solar panels. In the opinion of Zoltán Kocsis, owner and Milán Tímár, marketing manager this announcement could have been made earlier to restrain the market. “The flow of clients have become beyond control, the number of enquires have increased twelve times. So it’s good that the market is slowing down by closing a door”, said the owner who went on all along the way of his profession, starting as an unskilled worker achieving the establishment of the company.

Karolina’s magic universe

We can say that Karolina Sávolt, one of the youngest painters, artists of our era already had her own international exhibition. She could present her eight paintings in three dimensions with unique and special use of light technics in Dubai, in the framework of an immersion show where the extremely young, 12 year old artist became part of the exhibition in a special way. The 20-minute show was repeated every hour in the Kanvas Gallery situated in the new artistic quarter of Dubai. Thus Karolina appeared on the stage ten times a day, and the parade of colours, Karolina’s style that is the magical realism caught everybody, both the adept visitors, the communities of local people and tourists. Her four paintings amazed the guests in the lobby, and eight works were exhibited in three dimensions, as fairy tales in the inner exhibition hall.

Lawyer – fashion designer

Anita Pásztor acquired her diploma at the law faculty. In the morning she persists as a lawyer, in the afternoon and at the weekend she is busy with the beloved fashion design. The lawyer’s carrier satisfies her intellectually but creativity has always been part of her life. She has dealt with sewing since her childhood, knows the fabrics well. Her first international presentation took place at the Monte Carlo Fashion Week in 2017. It was followed by several participations and successes abroad, in Milan, Cannes, London, New York and Kuala Lumpur. Stimulated by the professional success she decided to create her own, independent brand, so the Anita Pásztor Fashion was born. As she had her own brand, it was just another step to have her own salon and shop. She checks even the last stitch on her clothes to have everything in the way she wants, thus the quality is guaranteed, and she believes this is one of the keys to her success.

From Gothic to the future

ZEMA porcelain and jewellery brand expands its colourful offer with a new collection from year to year. Their independent show was held in the Vajdahunyad Castle, as usual, titled „From Gothic to the Future”. The interesting theme was presented also as a performance, so we could see the history of different epochs, jewels and clothes. The newest, hand-painted jewels appeared on models like the actress Papadimitriou Athina, the performer Kati Wolf, the Divas, the singer Bogi Nagy and several young bloggers and celebrities. The hostess of the show was Dr. Zsuzsa Csisztu, as usual. The successful fashion show was followed by a reception where a few hundred guests could enjoy the elegant surroundings, the view of the jewels and the good atmosphere till late into the night.

Puerto Banús

Five years ago when we made a visit to Marbella, me and my companion fell in love with the 1275 m Sierra Blanca and the beautiful blue sea in Andalusia. Everything is given here for the relaxation. Puerto Banús is a wonderful, fascinating place with amazing panorama and sunset, at this special place we were caught by the sight of the variety of people coming from all corners of the world, where the spectacular beaches and squares invite us for a walk and shopping. Puerto Banús became our favourite place for holiday, so we booked suites with two and three bedrooms. One can easily get to the beach full of chiringitos and cocktail bars with a few minute walk from both suites. It often happens that during our walk we come across a well-known star, as this place is famous for its amazing luxury, so the royal families, world famous actors, actresses and celebrities like to spend their free-time here.


The final destination of our eleven-day adventurous and exotic travel was the Hunza Valley. The 8126 m Nanga Parbat was the highest peak among the mountain giants seen during our trip.  We could admire among others the sight of the snowy mountain giants of Rakaposhi, Lady Finger and Diran. In Karimabad we visited Baltit Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage site reconstructed in 1996. We were driving on the famous motorway all along to the Khunjerab pass next to the border with China which is at the height of nearly 5000 m and all dressed in white owing to the snow. Our way back to the capital alongside the Pasu glacier was full of adventures and interesting sights. In Taxila we visited the Buddha Museum and saw several 1500-2000 year old archaeological finds. During our journey we took gifts to a general school.

Grandhotel Lienz

The first and the only one five star luxury wellness hotel of East Tyrol, the Grandhotel Lienz is situated in the pretty town of Lienz surrounded by wonderful mountains. According to the philosophy of the owners, the Westreicher and Simonitsch families want to pamper their guests not only by its luxury environment but also by meeting the guests’ special requirements. Several pleasures await the guests in this magic atmosphere: the elegant furniture of the hotel, the large rooms and suites meeting the highest demands, the excellent culinary delights and the so-called GrandSpa spa & wellness. All this is part of the pampering luxury. 72 luxury rooms and four exclusive suites looking on the beautiful Lienz Dolomites and the Schober mountain welcome the guests all the year round together with the 1400 square metre spa & wellness section.

A dream came true

At the age of 41 Roger Federer has finished his professional tennis carrier because of his lingering knee problems. In September the outstanding figure of this sport said farewell who won 20 Grand Slam titles in 24 years and not only the two „eternal”rivals, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovics praised his carrier but the Argentinian giant of world football, Lionel Messi too. The iconic personality of the tennis sport from Switzerland became the winner of 1251 matches, 109 ATP tournaments, ranked No. 1 in the world over 310 weeks and Olympic gold and silver medals can also be found in his collection. In addition to this he received 130 and a half million dollars prize money. „It is a bittersweet decision, because I will miss everything the tour has given me. But at the same time there is much to celebrate” – wrote Federer in his farewell message. „I consider myself one of the most fortunate people on Earth and want to thank all from the bottom of my heart.”

Direct success

Darts, popular worldwide, having more and more Television viewers cannot boast about Hungarian world stars for the time being, but our specialists are among the few élite experts suitable for innovation, conquering more and more heights in the world of arrow throwing. The latest example is the installation made by the owners of the Darts Event Ltd., thus launching the presumably fast spread of the invention to be rented. The company established in 2019, which is the main organiser of the darts events in Hungary holds even the competitions of the international professional league, PDC in our country. Péter Takács, Executive Director of the Ltd. Company and his co-owner, Medárd Ziegenhám who also works as a special TV commentator said: “We created a darts installation which is a Hungarian innovation, it is always put in the VIP section at the big events and is capable to eliminate calculation, the biggest difficulty of the game.”

His life is water polo

Balázs Vincze is one of the few people who justified his knowledge both as a player and a coach. He was considered a great thinker even being a player and this virtue can be seen outside the water too. He started to play water polo in Újpesti Dózsa Sport Club. He played for the first time in the senior national team at the age of 20. He could stand on the tribune and its highest step with his team a few times at European and World Championships, LEN and Super Cups. In 1991 he was chosen the player of the year. He competed at the Olympics in Seoul in 1988, Barcelona in 1992 and Atlanta in 1996. After this he had played abroad, since 2014 he had worked as a coach and head coach in a few clubs. At present he is the head coach of UVSE. Tibor Benedek asked him to take over the professional management of UVSE from him. It wasn’t an easy decision. At that time he worked as a professional director in Szombathely. In spite of this he thought that if this was Tibi’s last wish, it was not a question, so he took the task.

Harmony at feast of love

Szabolcs Tálas, the creator of Harmónia water was already introduced in our magazine together with his partner, Boglárka Pap. Their energised stream water is sold also in catering and hotel management. They are definitely present in a place where Harmónia water „trickles in”.  Just to mention a few examples, we are present in the Lua Resort in Balatonfüred, one of the imposing luxury hotels of the Northern shore of Lake Balaton, in the Il Primo Restaurant at Várkert Bazár, in the Marvelosa Café which is a real jewellery box in the shade of history, in the Kossuth 1 Bakery and Cafe where there is intention to sell local top quality products and in the Coyote Coffee and Deli or the MagNet Community House. The essence of this water is the coherent cooperation of heart and brain. The system built according to this conveys the programme of Love and Awareness to our cells.

200 year old Anthem

When in January 1823 Ferenc Kölcsey dotted the corrected manuscript of his poem „Hymnus”, he could not guess that his prayer written for the Hungarians for which Ferenc Erkel composed music later, would become the eternal expression of patriotism and national consciousness. The Parliament recognised it already in 1903 but officially became the Hungarian Anthem only in 1989, as it was included in the Constitution only then. Its 200th anniversary will be at the beginning of next year, exactly on 22 January, which has been the Day of Hungarian Culture for 33 years in the spirit of honouring Kölcsey and his soulful piece of art. So far the Anthem has been translated into thirty languages. As far as its musical version is concerned, the only modification of Erkel’s composition written in 1834 was justified by sport: the more than two-minute Anthem was shortened to one and a half according to the IOC requirement.

Fish soup on the grill

70-80% of the yearly fish consumption in Hungary is concentrated in the holiday season and the traditional fish soup appears. Of course, I don’t want to decide the eternal debate, which one is the best: Baja, Szeged, Balaton or maybe soaked. I would rather mention a few choices for the festive table. We may prefer either the Asian style or the Mediterranean cuisine, we will find the most suitable version for our taste. We may travel to any region and will find the characteristics of the cuisine there. If we follow the Asian line, we will soon be fond of the taste of kaffir lime, lemon cane, galangal root, chili or garlic in certain cases mellowed by coconut milk. To the contrary, in the Mediterranean cuisine lemon, rosemary, thyme or saffron are used. We may start on any road of tastes, let’s not be afraid to try new recipes and put these meals on the barbecue.

Hotel Abacus

The Abacus Business & Wellness Hotel**** Superior is located 25 km from Budapest, in Herceghalom. The hotel’s inspiring atmosphere, innovative environment and uncompromising gastronomical philosophy makes it the ideal place for family vacations, wellness weekends, conferences, business meetings and even weddings. The chef, Ferenc Toth, whose resume boasts with extensive foreign experience, uses simple, local and seasonal ingredients from Zsambek’s basin in his dishes. The majority of the spices he uses are grown in the kitchen’s own garden. Their dishes draw on both international sensibilities as well as the traditional Hungarian sense of taste; all while using modern culinary technology. The combination of gastronomical pleasures with a peaceful, familiar atmosphere and modern environment translate into more than half the guests being regulars. Their success was further confirmed when Abacus Business & Wellness Hotel won the title of Best Rural Business and Conference Hotel in Hungary.

Renaissance of pigeon meat

Pigeon meat has been present in the nutrition of human kind since the cavemen’s era. It had outstanding importance in the Egyptian and Roman gastronomy but had its place on the tables also in the Middle Ages, let’s think of Louis XIV, the Sun King, the meditating monks or the simple, everyday people. Although it’s well-known that its consumption is healthy (it contains little fat and more protein), starting from the middle of the 20th century has gradually lost is relevance and by the end of the last century it nearly disappeared in gastronomy. However, in the second decade of the new millennium it reappeared on the menus of the Michelin star restaurants and hopefully it regains its reputation and importance of the past. Pigeon meat is used nearly everywhere in the world’s cuisines, starting from America to India and from Japan to France, naturally adjusted to the national characters.

Streit-Zágonyi Winery

The glorious story of Zágonyi, the ancestor of our founder, György Streit     inspired our new wines that are light, fresh and full of dynamism. Our story is first of all honours the ancestor, the heroic officer, Károly Zágonyi. We fill our bottles with Zágonyi’s strength, derring-do, his will to win and live. György Streit, the owner went on with his thoughts: Wine in itself is philosophy. It’s an attitude to life. It’s a beautiful prism, through which things reveal themselves as they are. Wine is adventure, passion. It’s science and religion. Hard work, humbleness, luck. We connect past and future. We create, experiment, wait, mature, taste and bottle. We trust that all wine-loving people find their own wine and style in our bottles. Our aim – being a medium-sized winery – is to create a unique colour in the wine region and make our mark with our products both in Hungary and abroad.

Ten years of Bonbonier

Nóra Erdélyi chocholatier, chocholate master, one of the owners of Bonbonier Gallery and Café is our frequent object for reports about whom we know that she has always wanted to deal with chocholate. Nóra is one of the people who succeeded and her childhood dream came true. The year of 2022 has brought two prizes for them. Their lemon curd-puppy seed bite and raspberry truffle were awarded a Great Taste star. This award ceremony is considered to be the Oscar in gastronomy. One of their award-winning creations is the raspberry truffle Bonbon that is completely vegan and moreover is made from cocoa fruit juice. Nóra elaborates concepts, writes recipes, then experiments, selects and refines them. The taste of the Bonbon is born in this way and the appearance comes next. They have capacity for making eight to ten thousand Bonbons a day. They can handle last minute orders too, as are effective and flexible.


According to his name card Tibor Várhelyi is a construction engineer, architect and designer, owner of the Consolum Architects Co., Ltd. who manages a thriving construction firm established in 2018. Our magazine’s guest said in the interview that he had realised his childhood dream by becoming architect and after a decade spent working for a state company founded his own firm, the ten-member Consolum. At the beginning more people established the firm than those who are co-partners now. It is a broad, comprehensive construction business dealing with choosing the estate, consultation, designing and realisation. The 37 year old head of the company exercises for triathlon competitions in his free-time, often having two trainings a day. As far as his firm is concerned, he envisages continuous dynamic planning in the future too: the goal for the next 10-15 years is to finish 850-1000 flats a year.

History from bird-eye view

There is an attic flat for sale next to the Roman amphitheatre in Nagyszombat Street, in a Secession-style building from the beginning of the century. Its gross floor area is 237 m², its net floor area is 197 m², two-storey, has unique design and full panorama. Six rooms can be found in the flat (two sitting-rooms, four bedrooms), two bathrooms, a 12 m² roof terrace and a big American kitchen unit. Entering the lower storey of our home we get to an extra-large, 80 m² sitting-room-kitchen-dining-room from the hall, from where we can go through a glass door to the second, 45 m² sitting-room which is at present furnished as a bedroom. Going further in the flat in a circle, three separate bedrooms and two bathrooms increase our comfort, thus providing a convenient home even for a five-six member family. We can get to the upper storey of our flat on wooden stairs from the above mentioned huge sitting-room where two rooms and the terrace are situated.

Insurance in difficult circumstances

The situation in the world having unfavourable tendency affects the insurance market negatively. Csaba Szekeres, the permanent expert of our magazine said in an interview that one of the main characteristics of the new situation was that consciousness reached the insurance sector too. It means that the client is the real winner on the long run who is aware of the present and future insurances. The clients should take care of their own insurances to a more extent and the insurance agents’ role is getting more important. The renewal of the outdated insurances has become more frequent, the third important aspect mentioned by the expert is that new risks appear continually in the current situation as the consequence of the life situations that have changed. Thus more and more people take into consideration renewable energy sources, e.g. solar cells.

In excellent shape

In our winter issue we tested a really green model, the new Honda Civic. This type is available in an average version, only with hybrid drive. This novelty was introduced perhaps with the best green technics of the market, as it’s enjoyable to drive it. The new Peugeot 308 of the same category is already a soft hybrid. This type is the ordinary people’s choice having a 130 horse power engine and a mechanic gear. This French car aroused great interest with its appearance. The next in line was Kia Sportage equipped also with a soft hybrid engine, which means the hybrid technics helps only to start the engine quickly as a wink. Sportage, a SUV can be driven easily, and you have the feeling of an average car when driving it. Toyota’s recently introduced model, Aygo X, the next in line has been reborn as a SUV. It’s a real small car easy to park. Low consumption of petrol and excellent appearance make up for the missing dynamics.


WEBJOGSI, a nationwide driving school network offers Internet-based training and complete online electronic management for its students. By this they can acquire their B category driving licence in a flexible way, quickly and comfortably even in English. WEBJOGSI provides theoretical education necessary for getting the driving licence by e-learning curriculum representing the most modern form of education. The online rules of the road in English are accessible everywhere, anytime, so the time, duration and venue of learning can be chosen individually, adjusted to the private requirements. During the training the student can follow the whole administration process in the e-Titán training management system that provides up-to-date, punctual, electronic information about the status of the training process, the exams and finances.

Social life

Through our social events column, we want our readers to gain insight into various, in our opinion high level and exclusive events, parties, inaugurations, film, theatre premieres and fashion shows, exhibitions, concerts, sports events, etc. The list is endless but the various events have something in common: the high quality, high standard and style. Our aim is to inform you about interesting activities and programmes in each issue of our magazine.

The list is endless but there is something still common among the various events, the high quality, high standard and style. Our aim is to inform you about interesting activities and programmes in each issue of our magazine.

In our winter issue we are present at business leaders’ award ceremonies, a polo match, Pink Night party and fashion show.

Spectacles with wooden frames

István Kuntner is the youngest son of a carpenter dynasty, so no wonder that wood has decided his life from his childhood. He graduated from the college as engineer of timber industry, after this he worked in London where his ex-employer’s idea was to make fashion goods from wood, so the wooden eyewear was born. After two years of thinking, experimenting, developing the suitable technology was ready in 2016 and the manufacturing of wooden eyeglasses started. Consultations with opticians, numerous surveys about users’ demands, needs preceded the process and after this the Campbell Marson eyewear brand was born in London, thanking to the company owner, Alan Fox who completely provided the background. The wooden frames can be matt or gloss lacquered and one can choose even the type of veneer. Thus it can be said that each piece is unique.

Famous singles

It’s an old truism but is true that there are people who feel themselves of value with a partner, and there are people who feel good without a partner. Nobody is born to be single, and nobody is born to be married. All the more, being single has many shades: temporary, conscious, stemming from fear from commitment, negative experiences of relationship, comfort, egoism, perfectionism, workaholic, etc. It is said about Hollywood that it’s the witch’s brew of elegant weddings and scandalous divorces. Scrolling a bit the private life of male and female stars it turns out that even if someone believes in emotions, may be beautiful, famous, rich and successful, can have difficulties finding a partner like any of us. We present the world of a few famous singles starting from Drew Barrymore through Chris Evansen to Colin Farrell and from Charlize Theron to Al Pacino.