2021 Autumn

ShopSport in the Sport

Around the year 2005 a demand appeared to have a web shop trading with sporting goods which was followed by a showroom and a store. At present we can say that if a sporting product is not sold there, it does not exist. – we learnt from Zsolt Fábián. Shopsport.hu has been present on the Hungarian sport market since 2006. Its aim is to meet the needs by selling high quality, comfortable, modern sport clothes and sporting goods in accordance with the present trends. Table tennis, squash, badminton belong to its sphere of activity, it covers all the segments of these sports starting from clothing, shoes till sporting goods. Their goal is to sell everything in one place at favourable price to their customers. ShopSport is the Hungarian representative and major distributor of a few sport brands, mainly Stiga and Asics. In addition to this they personally guarantee the perfect quality of the products.

Anthem played six times

Tokyo 2020 was the most successful Olympics of the last 25 years where the representatives of the red-white-green national colours received six gold, seven silver and seven bronze medals. In this way Hungary is in the 15th place at the medal table. More than eleven thousand athletes of 204 countries and a refugee team attended the great event in the capital of Japan. At the Olympic Games with only one positive doping case and 24 world records the Hungarian sport proved again that it is still in the van of the world. If we evaluate the total results of the modern Olympic Games, we are the most productive nation regarding the number of population… Three out of six gold medals were awarded to our most successful sport, kayak-canoe, Áron Szilágyi, sabre fencer – as a rarity in the history of this sport – became the first athlete ever to win three consecutive Olympic gold medals, and Kristóf Milák,  swimmer won one of the most superior victories of Tokyo 2020 in 200 m butterfly.

Top mattresses, not only for Olympians

We spend a third of our life sleeping. This is why it is not exaggerated to say that choosing a good mattress is a lifetime investment. The quality of sleeping determines your quality of life and accomplishment. No wonder that the most successful athletes ever, like Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt consider sleeping as the secret of their success. It is important to sleep enough and it should have good quality. This is impossible without a reliable mattress. The experts of Matrackuckó are at your disposal in 13 shops all over the country to assist you to choose a mattress. With the help of our free advices and mattress testing you can take the first step in the interest of solving your problems with sleeping. We believe that buying a mattress is a lifetime investment, this is why we guarantee to pay back the money. Book the date now to any of our shops on Matrackuckó website so that your sleeping problems became the things of the past.

Gergő Kiss Olympic Champion

A lucky accident led Gergő Kiss to the swimming-pool and waterpolo: when he was a kindergartener he fell into the Danube from a gangplank and his mother not able to swim pulled him from there grabbing his hair. Our three-time Olympic champion waterpolo player frankly told the story what it was like spending his childhood in the swimming-pool, how he became a communication expert after being an inhibited adolescent. Gergő finished playing waterpolo four year ago and has been working on different projects since then.  First of all he is the communication director of Nagy Sportágválasztó but he is also responsible for the leisure-time sport movement, Ötpróba movement. Of course, he could not tear himself away from waterpolo, has minor or major roles in a few sport associations and is the President of the Modern Sport Academy where children are taught to play waterpolo. He got involved in shooting a film, Olivér Halassy and Jenő Fuchs made a film about Olympic champions.

Women’s energy

Women’s rights had come a long way till they were recognised in most parts of the world: the sex believed to be the weaker, at the most is the gentler one. The roles have changed a lot and today they can be diverse but it has not changed that living like a woman is a good thing. However how is being a woman in a branch of industry considered masculine like the energetics? Four female staff members of MET Group        talk about it. Anna Kocsis coordinates the planning and realisation of green power plants. Fanni Novák became a financial expert of renewable power plant investments after being a tennis player. The safety of energy supply in practice means that e.g. when we switch on the lamp, in each case the light is on. In the background very careful coordination is needed from the partners of the energy market. Judit Gyuga and her colleague, Dóra Mezey-Albert work in this world known only by few people.

Hungarian Grand Prix

This year’s F1 Hungarian Grand Prix watched by 130 000 spectators on the spot may apply for the Competition of the Year prize. Esteban Ocon scored the victory of his carrier’s first race under amazing circumstances. Zsolt Gyulay, the President and CEO of Hungaroring Sport Corporation could be satisfied not only because of this but also because at the weekend they made a great step forward concerning the future of the competition. Negotiations were held about the future of the event. Zsolt Gyulay and minister László Palkovics had talks with Stefano Domenicali, F1 President and CEO for whom it was not a headache that the Hungarian partner wanted to prolong the contract till 2037. Naturally, the development of the track infrastructure, the reconstructions outlined long ago are necessary for this. All this will start next year according to the plans.

ZEMA porcelain jewellery is Outstanding National Value

The Hungarikum Committee proclaimed ZEMA jewellery Outstanding National Value. It is a great joy and honour for our brand. We became part of the Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County value collection which has further raised the prestige of our products. During our work we try to revive as widely as possible the motives inherited by our ancestors which are the Hungarians’ symbols. The creation of each new collection is preceded by careful research. Our mission is to express the Hungarian identity and the folk motives. The motives used on the jewellery are diverse, they may be ancient ones, traditional folk ones and the famous and renowned Hungarian painters’ works of art also appear on the jewellery. Thus each generation can find the pieces which are the most suitable for them.

KALA Berlin – No limit!

Kornélia Telkes and her business partner, Eszter Kérdő dreamed and created their own fashion brand. KALA Berlin according to its name knows no bounds. In spite of the fact that it is accessible for the general public, it is meant for a certain ideal woman who is classically modern, intellectual, enlightened, self-assured and choosy. „We usually say that the clothes should function! It may be a wedding, business meeting or travel. Our collections work as a puzzle effect. We always have our „evergreens” and everything can be combined with everything. The new luxury is time. We prepare personal packages for our customers and they save time by this. Our target is the age group of 27-70 for whom we offer a lifestyle. The world always changes, thus we also change, must be up-to-date to understand the new generation, as KALA Berlin’s goal is to reach each woman.”

Florence, the wonderful museum

Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge) in Florence spans river Arno at the narrowest spot. One of the nicest sights of Florence is the Uffizi Gallery. The works of many famous painters like Rubens, Rembrandt, Van Dyck, Tiziano, Raffaello, Veronese, Tintoretto and Caravaggio’s Renaissance paintings can be found here. However, the most famous one is the beautiful picture of Boticelli, the Birth of Venus. The other important sight of the city is the Galleria dell’ Accademia where we can admire Michelangelo’s original sculptures including David, the most renowned one. Its perfect copy standing in front of Palazzo Vecchio (Old Palace) provides the same impression together with his several other pieces of art. The Old Palace with its 94 meter high tower is the highest building of the city. Each tourist tries to visit the Duomo (Cathedral), the fourth biggest Christian church of the world covered with beautiful white Carrara, red and green Prato marble.

Grand Hotel Esztergom

The newest hotel of the Danube Bend, the Grand Hotel Esztergom, a four-star superior hotel has opened. It’s operated by Continental Group, a hotel operating company with Hungarian ownership, one of the decisive members of Hungarian tourism. Entering the lobby huge spaces, sophisticated, modern design await the guests. The hotel offers 126 rooms with high standard furniture and 23 spacious luxury suits on four floors, you can have wonderful view to the Basilica of Esztergom from some of them. Pepper, the hotel’s speaking robot welcomes the children in the lobby. A recreation space level of 700 square metres awaits the guests at the opening in September. It is a great experience not only for the children but also for the adults. The hotel provides wellness services. Its wellness centre in the attic with panorama opening in autumn will be a smaller capacity exclusive „adults-only” Wellness Lounge. The hotel has special conference and event capacity.

Kéfás – the rock

Róbert Ongrádi was born in Vértesszőlős and has been living there even today where the footstep of Vértesszőlős prehistoric man, Samu was discovered. Both his family and his work ties him there. His parents worked in the catering industry, Róbert’s basic profession is car mechanic. At present he is the owner of Kéfás Ltd. which deals with everything related to real estate, e.g. real estate investment, construction, reconstruction or renting. He is an honoured businessman who is known by everybody in the region and everybody can rely on him like a rock. In addition to the business success Róbert had prayed for a life-long partner and found Enikő in the congregation in 2017. The love at first sight was sealed by the first kiss at the wedding in half a year. There are a residential area and a home for the elderly among their plans and have an ongoing project which might become the rival of YouTube, too.

Ladylike businesswoman

Nóra Guba is up to her job in the really masculine field of business life as a leader and says that femininity and fashion are the guarantee of her everyday success. If we look at her, we have no doubt: she knows the secret how she can always be extremely ladylike but in the meantime single-minded, an outstanding female representative of her profession. Since this summer Nóra has been the marketing and communication director of the Budapest office of Dalton, the biggest international law firm of the world. Her goal she does not hide is to bring legal profession closer to the people with the help of style and fashion including all its beauty and elegance. Style, fashion and femininity are allies without which she cannot imagine her life and decide her everyday activity, professionalism and self-confidence. Nóra is proud of her womanliness which gives her self-assurance.

Mystical castle

András Telkes, the Managing Director of Telkes Gép can celebrate quite a few jubilees. He is 70, started to deal with second-hand machines half a century ago, founded his own firm 25 years ago which has become well-known all over the world and has his 50th wedding anniversary. Those who visit him in his empire – they may be professionals or amateurs – all of them can say they have found themselves in a „mystical castle”. Having professional and technical knowledge and a good command of foreign languages he could establish his own firm, Telkes Gép Ltd. He started his activity with a few second-hand machines on a territory of 450 square metres. At present they have a few thousand machines of their own on a territory of 30 000 square metres. According to Mr. Telkes the key to success: „The most important is that the ability for turnover is given, in this case our development can be permanent. In addition to professional knowledge information is the most important thing, the coordination of these two elements is one of the secrets of success.”


Lóránt Húsvéth, Executive Director of OPTIMUM Facility Services Ltd. has never had such a balanced life, both private life and work than today. We have learnt from Lóránt that now everything is optimal. „Now we can say that we work in the field of a special service. We have such a circle of clients where cleaning has an important role. Our sphere of activity is facility management of high standard where we can deliver complete innovative solutions. Using our experience of several decades we base our services on the unique needs and expectations of our clients. We continually develop our methods in the field of facility management. As the stability of the company is given, we can maintain the high quality of the services and this guarantees our development. Briefly, quality is the token of development.

Hotel Abacus

The Abacus Business & Wellness Hotel**** Superior is located 25 km from Budapest, in Herceghalom. The hotel’s inspiring atmosphere, innovative environment and uncompromising gastronomical philosophy makes it the ideal place for family vacations, wellness weekends, conferences, business meetings and even weddings. The chef, Ferenc Toth, whose resume boasts with extensive foreign experience, uses simple, local and seasonal ingredients from Zsambek’s basin in his dishes. The majority of the spices he uses are grown in the kitchen’s own garden. Their dishes draw on both international sensibilities as well as the traditional Hungarian sense of taste; all while using modern culinary technology. The combination of gastronomical pleasures with a peaceful, familiar atmosphere and modern environment translate into more than half the guests being regulars. Their success was further confirmed when Abacus Business & Wellness Hotel won the title of Best Rural Business and Conference Hotel in Hungary.

Fruits on the grill

The use of fruits has changed a lot in the last 10-15 years. In the past most people could imagine fruits only in cakes, desserts or eating it raw but today they can be found everywhere on the menu. Naturally, there are pairs nobody is surprised at, e.g. pork and apple, orange and duck or forest fruits and game. However, let’s focus on the exotic fruits which can be perfect elements of a grill party and they raise the level and style of the food. Let’s see pineapple first which being sweet and acid can be a starter on a crab grill with garlic and chilli, the perfect material for an Asian noodle meal but is a fantastic dessert grilled with vanilla ice-cream and chilli jam.

Fruits of warm climate: from citron to tuna

In our previous issue we listed the fruits growing on our climate, now we go beyond the climate borders and will see what delicacies grow in regions where it is much warmer than here. If we think of the fruits of a warmer climate, the elderly people immediately remember what treasures the aromatic mandarine and orange were at that time. Today orange is a usual offer of the hypermarkets for the youth sold roughly at the price of apples. In our article we refer to such weather conditions where winter is not really cold but summer is hot and sunny but we do not reach the tropics. What should we know about the ancestor of citrus fruits, the citron and the pomelo, yuzu? What tree do dates, pomegranates, figs or tunas grow on? How are they the most delicious?

Story of a blue bicycle

The Neubauer family gives an insight into an earlier blog on the website Nosztalgia Garden Ízkertészet which is really close to their heart and shows who they really are in Nosztalgia Garden… „Not long ago a blue bicycle appeared at the entrance of Nosztalgia Garden. The sunflowers on it recall the summer, its colour the bright blue sky and immediately draws attention. This little bike today is more than thirty years old. Originally it was red with white artificial leather seat, soprano bells. Somebody worked several hours, days, and weeks to give satisfaction to a blond, blue-eyed little girl who longed for a bike very much. He was our grandfather…
When summer came, the bicycle came to our minds… So we painted it blue to evoke summer for the guests and remind them of Nosztalgia Garden and remind us of grandpa when we pass it.”

Renewed Sport Bistro

The Sport Bistro is generally acknowledged among the athletes. The restaurant in the near vicinity of BVSC swimming-pool is not only the haunt of the sportsmen but also one of the favourite gastronomic meeting places of the people who like sport and high-quality food. We have talked with Zsolt Pál, the No. 1 leader of Sport Bistro. „We try to renew all the time and believe that it is an earnest of the success. We change the range of our menu once in half a year and the recommendation of our chef, Péter Bíró changes every month. Our capacity has been enlarged by 20% with the extended glass terrace, in this way we can welcome nearly 150 guests at the same time. We provide watching the sport events on five monitors and a projector choosing from the repertoire of all the existing sport channels. Naturally the huge screen of our projector on our „Champions League terrace” has the greatest success.” 

10 years of Kemenes Patisseries

Edith Kemenes runs seven Kemenes Patisseries with her family and on the occasion of their anniversary their book „Vanilla and cinnamon-flavoured life stories” was published. Those friends, business partners and colleagues expressed their opinion in it without whom the 10-year success story could not have happened. The people in the book are a kind of role models for the family but it is certain that the Kemenes family’s story deserves attention of those who have worked and fought for their dream overcoming obstacles, difficulties, never giving it up and at last their dream has come true. Edith converges not only an empire but a family, too. Her husband, István, two admired daughters, Tímea and Noémi, five beloved grandchildren, Peti, Zsuzsó, Fanni, Csongor and Botond are also the token of the success. As a businesswoman of the 21st century she is an innovator, developer, has numerous ideas and looks for new challenges.

From Moscow to Paris

We could get acquainted with Attila Kotlár in our magazine as a businessman and construction manager. Our readers will appreciate his present-day self, as Attila has written a book which is meant for our readers. The novel written during six years involves the reader in an adventure lasting decades starting from spring 1984. We trust that while reading it both young and old people find excitement, analogize the events of their own life and memories to the events and scenery of the 80-ies and 90-ies in Europe and the world. During reading we travel, because it is good. Through a teenage boy’s mind and experience we get to such hidden places and those closed for average people about which we have not had any idea so far. Of course, life is an adventure and each person makes it more colourful but through Attila’s life we get an insight into rare tones of colours, too.

Massage therapist, martial artist and stunt

Mihály Fóci is a complex personality who has three lives. He is a massage therapist, a martial artist and a stunt. We have learnt from our interview partner how the mentioned three professions can be combined and how they complement each other.  „I graduated as a massage therapist in 2003, then got education in manual and Fascia Distortion Model (FDM) therapy.  I have been learning martial art since my childhood and in addition to this both yoga and meditation contribute to finding the origin and method of solution with more and more sensitivity. I started to teach tai chi because as a massage therapist I can help to resolve the problems and show how to remain healthy. I combine martial art and sport acrobatics as a stunt.” Mihály not only takes care and cures people but regenerates his own spirit and body, keeps himself fit and develops his physical condition.

Settlements of claims

This summer is characterised by the extreme weather which can cause severe financial loss. „Indeed, during a stormy week-end damage claims of a few billion forints are sent to the insurance companies in Hungary.” – said Csaba Szekeres. „If a storm comes, the insurance market knows that the destruction will be huge: about five billion forints if the problem is big and in case of a smaller one the total payment to the citizens is about one billion mostly for property damages.” The specialist advices to turn to the insurance company as soon as possible, no matter that the damage was caused in our house or car. A good insurance adviser can help the client to handle the matter as smoothly as possible and get the payment in one or two days. „Generali holds the first place in arranging that the clients get their money as soon as possible” – said Csaba Szekeres.

Dawn of new era

Rolls-Royce officially inaugurated its branch of unique car body construction the first product of which was made in 1926. The first car of the new era was born in 1927, it was the absolutely unique Sweptail (appr. 11 million euros). The appearance of this model is similar to a boat which is today represented by the Rolls Boat Tail. The peculiarity of the car is that this 5, 8 meter long Rolls-Royce was made according to the customer’s special requirements. Compared to Dawn it has 1813 different elements. The car is allowed to enter the traffic, as it was tested in a temperature of +80 and -20 degrees Centigrade. This is one of the reasons that it costs nearly eight billion forints. There is a champagne fridge in addition to the built-in table and sunshade in the car similar to a luxury yacht and ideal for seaside picnics.

Car of the Year and others

Toyota Yaris, the winner of the Car of the Year 2021 is the most acknowledged one among the test cars of our autumn edition. We tested the Japanese car with one of the best equipped design and of course with hybrid driving system which has become the trademark of Toyota. The opposite of the 3, 9 metre car ideal for city transport – in size and consumption in the city – is the Nissan X-Trail. The novelty of the tested model is its 1, 3 litre turbo engine. We tested the the Peugeot e-2008 with Allure equipment top rated by the customers. The 300 km range of the fully electric SUV with a spectacular appearance is useful in our country. You can forget worrying about charging if you have a Ford Kuga chargeable hybrid. The chargeable hybrid SUV which is the most popular car of the brand and Europe can run about fifty kilometres in electric mode. It’s not a problem if it’s out of electricity, as can function consuming 5, 5 litre of fuel.

Social life

Through our social events column, we want our readers to gain insight into various, in our opinion high level and exclusive events, parties, inaugurations, film, theatre premieres and fashion shows, exhibitions, concerts, sports events, etc. The list is endless but the various events have something in common: the high quality, high standard and style. Our aim is to inform you about interesting activities and programmes in each issue of our magazine.

In our autumn edition we attended the Neoton concert traditionally held in the Gottwald Hotel in Tata, took part at a birthday party combined with sailing, we watched the “Szőke ciklon” of Jenő Rejtő, one of the latest performances of Játékszín in Városmajor Open-Air Theatre and visited Viktória Minya’s perfume show.

Spangles, grandeur, aggression: Cannes Film Festival after pandemic

Owing to the restrictions the Cannes Film Festival canceled last year and postponed till this summer took place with less festival visitors, accredited journalists and more protective measures, furthermore with a lot of professionals and stars. It has gone on record for us Hungarians with the most expensive European co-production ever, „The story of my wife” with a budget of ten million euros. Ildikó Enyedi’s nearly three hour film starring the Dutch Gijs Naber and the French sex symbol, Léa Seydoux was warmly received and given three cheers by the European but mainly French audience. Famous international stars appeared on the red carpet like from Sharon Stone, Catherine Deneuve and Sean Penn. The Palme d’Or prize, for the second time in the history of the festival was awarded to the film of a female director, Julia Ducournau, „Titane”, a psycho-horror.