2022 Autumn

Solar Butterfly

The essence of the Butterfly effect is that minor changes in our way of thinking and use of energy leads to significant results. The butterfly built from solar cells present for the first time in Hungary arriving to the MET Group Dunamenti Erőmű Power Station draws attention to this. During its trip around the world across 90 countries, in September it visits the Tesla MegaPack battery energy storage system of that has been inaugurated recently. During its four-year journey the Solar Butterfly is involved in such projects that show results in the field of sustainable energy production and consumption. This summer the Europeans can meet a unique vehicle on the roads of the old continent. They can see a huge, butterfly-shaped caravan working 100% with solar energy towed by a Tesla Model X. This is the Solar Butterfly, its nickname is Larso.

Music is everything for him

Professor András Batta, Executive Director of the Hungarian House of Music inaugurated in the City Park in January considers himself first of all a music history teacher. Our magazine made an exclusive interview with him. His appointment met with general approval, as the specialist known and recognised as a musicologist, writer and radio presenter has been honoured at every place he has been working. Similarly as the President of the Ferenc Liszt Music Academy from where he retired after 41 years of teaching. During his leadership the concert palace built in secession style in Ferenc Liszt Square was renewed and the Academy grew with a brand new, six-storey educational institution in Wesselényi Street. He considers the thousand-page “Opera: Composers, Works, Performers” his most important work as a writer translated into twenty languages and sold in one million copies. He is proud to manage the Hungarian House of Music, a unique institution all over the world where the content of music has also much appeal.

Record number of viewers on Hungaroring

The 37th F1 Hungarian Grand Prix was held in front of crowded audience. In four days totally 290.000 spectators watched it on the spot. This is a record in the history of the races on Hungaroring. The grandstands and hillsides in Mogyoród were filled with Formula 1 fans who were cheering with fantastic enthusiasm during the 37th Hungarian Grand Prix won by Max Verstappen. Lewis Hamilton could stand on the podium on Hungaroring for the 11th time. George Russel drank champagne on the podium finishing in third place who was in leading position during thirty rounds. As far as the Hungaroring is concerned, the competition was held smoothly in spite of the record number of visitors. „We knew in advance that it would be a crowded weekend, naturally it was difficult but its success was beyond belief.” – said Zsolt Gyulay, the President and CEO of the Hungaroring Sport Corporation.

Book about György Kolonics

György Kolonics would have celebrated his 50th birthday on 4th June this year. The canoeist legend, two times Olympic champion, 15 times world champion died at the age of 36 after training, a few weeks before the kick off of the Olympic Games. His fifth Olympics would have been in Beijing. After that he would have married his fiancée, Andrea. The book will be published as the result of the common work of the György Kolonics Foundation and the G-Adam Studio, its author is Rita Tamás, the editor of the column „Don’t panic, deal with sport!”. György Kolonics is one of the athletes loved by nearly everyone. His colleagues, the athletes, the kayak-canoe fans, sport lovers and even those who knew him superficially were fond of him, because all his ways of behaving were human and natural. It turns out from the book about Koló that this kind of sociability has its roots, as his parents always paid attention to bring up their children to be modest, friendly and respectful.

FIFA World Cup in Qatar

The 22nd FIFA World Cup held by Qatar starts at the end of autumn, on 21 November and closes on 18 December. In 2010 Qatar got the right to organise it first in the Arab world but it is the last venue of a World Cup with the participation of 32 national teams. Already 48 teams will compete at the World Cup in 2026. Instead of the previous 23 the head coaches of the national teams can choose 26 members. This is one of the few positive consequences of the covid pandemic, as in the meantime the disease has decimated the teams. Besides, the head coaches can substitute five players instead of three during a match. The team of the hosting Qatar is the only new one on the pitch but of course the title defender French national eleven and that of Brazil, Argentine, England, Spain, Belgium and Germany having the chance to win will participate too.

WHITE RAVEN Skybar & Lounge

The WHITE RAVEN Skybar & Lounge is situated in the vicinity of the Matthias Church, on the highest point of Budapest, on the top of the Hotel Hilton Budapest. One can experience an unparalleled panorama of the city from here. Both the special cocktails, variety of meals and the intimate design of the skybar delight you. Mátyás Barta, bar manager and Norbert Schök, President of the Hungarian Bartender Association created the seven unique cocktails, designed exclusively for the White Raven. One can read characteristics on the signature cocktail menu, the expressions describing our personality and the seven drinks are in connection with the legend about the raven’s seven tail feathers. Beside the cocktails the second element of the skybar gastronomic experience is what Imre Maráczi, culinary director and Zoltán Graur, culinary chef have conjured on our plate. The mission of White Raven is to create something you cannot find anywhere else.

White meat: cheese

We can use it as basic material in the kitchen but the great types of cheese are the best with a glass of wine after dinner when enjoying the tastes we can celebrate the big gastro cultural achievement of the world. Cheese is one of the greatest inventions of humanity that has been made continually in many places of the world during its nearly five thousand year history. In the beginning it served only to preserve milk. Thus cheese was considered a kind of white meat in several regions. However, later, by the development of the methods, getting more and more knowledge about animal husbandry, livestock breeding and the microbes, using the time factor a real speciality was born. We consume cheese not to mitigate our appetite but to enjoy the smells, consistence, tastes and pay tribute to the gastro cultural result of our civilisation.

Cheese on the grill

It’s really good in the world of cheese that starting from the very simple, soft, creamy types of cheese that remind us of fresh milk we can find very ripe types even with animal smell. In the meantime everybody can find the type and brand he/she likes the most. It has turned out about many things that there are materials suitable for grilling and change in a very special way effected by the smouldering charcoal. Why would it be different with cheese? One can hardly imagine hamburger of higher and higher quality enjoying its renaissance without grilled cheddar. For those who like stronger tastes it’s compulsory to grill camembert sold in wooden boxes in the box itself. Goat cheese with white coating can be bought in many places and it’s the king of grilled cheese if grilled on a gridiron. The fantastically toasted coat, a taste bomb, then the next bite, the ripe, animal taste crowns the meal.

Resource of Harmony

Szabolcs Tálas works as a dental technician and besides this, later the teachings of the Pálos and Táltos convents decided his intellectual development. Boglárka Pap graduated from the Budapest College of Economics as special bank manager. However, she started to work with a female spiritual therapist and expert of consciousness development. The love of people and wish to help them has always been present in her life. They got acquainted ten years ago at a spiritual personality development session, then their life and work joined. They have been together for half a decade and developed their business with joint efforts. Their aim is to get Harmony water to as many people as possible. They established a system according to which using suitable information and frequency, combined with water of suitable quality and structure they can reach positive cellular changes and effects of the DNA. The essence is the coherent cooperation of the heart and brain.

Hotel Abacus

The Abacus Business & Wellness Hotel**** Superior is located 25 km from Budapest, in Herceghalom. The hotel’s inspiring atmosphere, innovative environment and uncompromising gastronomical philosophy makes it the ideal place for family vacations, wellness weekends, conferences, business meetings and even weddings. The chef, Ferenc Toth, whose resume boasts with extensive foreign experience, uses simple, local and seasonal ingredients from Zsambek’s basin in his dishes. The majority of the spices he uses are grown in the kitchen’s own garden. Their dishes draw on both international sensibilities as well as the traditional Hungarian sense of taste; all while using modern culinary technology. The combination of gastronomical pleasures with a peaceful, familiar atmosphere and modern environment translate into more than half the guests being regulars. Their success was further confirmed when Abacus Business & Wellness Hotel won the title of Best Rural Business and Conference Hotel in Hungary.

Hemingway Restaurant

Balázs Borbás and his brother, Tamás, the creators and owners of the Hemingway Restaurant opened the restaurant in unparalleled surroundings in 2000. It was built originally for this purpose in 1964 and the brothers have been managing it with continuous success for 22 years. The environment, the lake, the reed, the wild ducks and Balázs’s favourite writer, Hemingway put on the name. The writer lived and worked on such exotic places like the unique and exotic restaurant. After the original African, Mediterranean and Caribbean styles, starting from the reconstruction last year they created the East Coast, Live-Work modern design and it has proved to be very popular. There are both leaders of the economic and political life and celebrity artists among their frequenters. Their menu follows the trends but traditional meals are also popular. One can find Hungarian and international dishes both on their seasonal menus and among their weekly offers.

Fibula Residence Hotel & Wellness

As the only adult friendly hotel in Pécs, a complex of five buildings with nearly four thousand square metres, the Fibula Residence Hotel & Wellness welcomes its guests in the heart of downtown, in quite, exclusive surroundings. It was built on such an exciting place where the archaeologists found an onion-headed fibula after which the residence hotel was named. The imposing facade caught our eyes when we were the guests and the interior even raised our pleasure. We can say that good taste, elegance and quality met in the hotel managed by Andrea Reszler, Executive Manager. We could enjoy the comfort of the two-storey VIP suite, on the lower floor an impressive sitting room awaits us and on the upper one a glass wall separates our bedroom from the bathroom. It’s difficult to elevate the best parts of the hotel but the wellness department with its swimming-pool and saunas takes it all!

Kossuth 1 Bakery and Café

„We brush up the hundred year old tradition in our shop on Kossuth Lajos street No. 1 in 2nd district of Budapest. The bakery was nationalised in 1952 but it had functioned as a family-owned bakery even before this. In 1990 the Enterprise of Bakery Industry privatised it, after this in 1995 we bought it as the Sütőmix Ltd.” – we learnt it from Krisztina Bába-Szecsei and József Bába, the owners. We operated the nicest bakery of the district even then but in 2022 decided to recreate the Kossuth 1 Bakery and Café with new image, new style regarding both our products and the interior. Our aim was to make the finest products from the highest quality Hungarian materials using the most modern technology but by craftsmanship and we have achieved our aim. Nowadays drinking coffee is an indispensable element of a bakery, so we also pay great attention to offering coffee in the morning.


Great stars on the stages and among the spectators. The Sziget Festival closed with days of full house and totally 452 thousand visitors. We already know when we meet next year: 9-14 August 2023. „The absence of the Festival shows its real value, significance, importance and that the Island, the values it represents would be needed each day of the year” – says Tamás Kádár, the chief organiser. „The last two years have had serious impact on us but now we simply did not want to get back to our old life but tried to give possibility for new thoughts, creative activity and experiences enriched and strengthened by the observations, feelings of the past period. To our heart’s delight and also to the satisfaction of the several hundred thousand „Sziget family” members we have been part of such a revival that culminated in the colourful liberty of Sziget” – said Kádár.


The company has been one of the best in its speciality since its foundation in 2017. It has a steady clientele. Lóránt Husvéth, the Executive Director of the Optimum Facility Services Ltd. employing four hundred people built up his successful business as an economist. He said that the type of freedom of work like building, managing a company had always attracted him. He speaks German and English fluently and French a little. In his twenties he was employed by a firm owned by Danes having Austrian management as Director, later he became Executive Director, after this he worked as Director of the Hungarian subsidiary company of a French firm with similar profile for ten years. Then Lóránt became independent and as he said: „My company dealing with industrial services is the pure form of everything I have learnt, experienced, seen in more than the recent twenty years and what I know about this profession.”

Zulejhka Porcelain Jewellery

Katalin Somogyi is a tax expert and data scientist. However, this time we can get acquainted with her artistic side. She started with painting, combined her paintings with crystals and semiprecious stones in a special way. Then started to deal with designing and making jewellery. Her jewellery design profile was born from the jewellery in her paintings. When choosing the brand name, the aim was to be able to remember it easily, to love it, so the name Zulejhka was created like this. In addition to the products made continually, the next new holiday collection is under way to be ready by the end of the year. It expresses the seven deadly sins in positive sense. Each sin has a colour and a positive chakra, this is why each jewellery will have a story and description on the basis of its colour and form. „Zulejhka is not a jewel but a wink, is in league with the ladies who dare to believe that they are perfect as they are.”

Tomor IMMO

Enikő Tomor, economist, has MBA and MSc degree. She worked for international companies and diplomatic corps. She was employed by Cushman & Wakefield international commercial real estate services firm for more than ten years. She started her own business two years ago and at present she is successful as a „boutique” type real estate consultant. Enikő is a member of the Dutch and British Chambers of Commerce. In the recent years she has been looking for new challenges, so established her own business by the name TOMOR IMMO. She provides full services on the market of residential and commercial real estates and cooperates with strategic partners. She and her partners conduct the whole process of transactions connected to buying and selling, leasing and investment starting from consulting, through legal activity and bank financing till construction. She knows she is following the right road but goes on with seeking new challenges.

House of luxury design in Mogyoród

Those who like real luxury, special solutions and quality, have found the home of their dreams. A family house of 400 square metres with panorama, in one of the nicest parts of Mogyoród, on a plot of 1800 square metres having three levels, 10 rooms, several bathrooms is on sale. The huge terraces, green areas, beautiful pine trees of the house you can pass round provide harmony necessary for the perfect rest and relaxation. We can get to the middle level of the house through the main entrance where a very big dining room is situated. Both the winter garden and the spacious kitchen with machines and also the other two large rooms, study, bedroom and bathroom together with the huge sitting room opens from here where a fireplace and even a fountain can be found. We can go up to our upper level on granite stairs where two bathrooms and four rooms provide our private sphere. You can find a dining room for 14 people and a wine cellar on the lower level of the house.

Goodwood Festival of Speed

In our autumn issue the readers will get an overview about the biggest festival of racing and sports cars, the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The event created by Lord March in 1993 attracts the fans of cars and racing cars like a magnet and also the competitors, either the F1 stars or the best racing drivers of the rally world championships. It’s worth visiting Goodwood even for those who are interested in sports and veteran cars. There is a wide variety of these rare car wonders too. It’s the best thing that one can have a look at them not only standing on the grass but also on the fly. This year the half a century old M GmbH that is the motor sport division of BMW is in the focus. Therefore, one could see many excellent and fast BMWs starting from the M1 sports car.

Visible trends

We have tested seven cars in our autumn issue which shows that our summer has been very busy. The test cars reflect the change in the motor-car industry. The Mercedes EQB, a fully electric SUV swept us off our feet with its excellent installation and decorative interior. The electric line was followed by the Kia Ceed station wagon which is a plug-in hybrid. Its huge cargo compartment and the good consumption of petrol deserved attention. The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is also a plug-in hybrid which has the most sophisticated drive system of its type. We tested the first-wheel drive hybrid Toyota Yaris Cross, a real „starving artist”. The cheapest car of Hungary arrived from a most unexpected factory: Mitsubishi. The Space Star attracts us with its price and enduring engine.  The new Honda HR-V could show us something new with its hybrid drive system. Only the recently introduced model of Toyota Supra was out of line, as it is a very amusing sport car and not a hybrid.

Album of Porcelain Art

The album presents the new, innovative usage of this precious material through ZEMA porcelain jewellery. The diverse possibilities this material hides based on its form and design are nearly endless. The book describes the different decors by themes, the inspirations, new presentation starting form the traditional motives through the style trends till the collections of fine art. We hope that this colourful, magazine-like album with its nice photos makes the weekdays more colourful for many of us.

Social life

Through our social events column, we want our readers to gain insight into various, in our opinion high level and exclusive events, parties, inaugurations, film, theatre premieres and fashion shows, exhibitions, concerts, sports events, etc. The list is endless but the various events have something in common: the high quality, high standard and style. Our aim is to inform you about interesting activities and programmes in each issue of our magazine.

The list is endless but there is something still common among the various events, the high quality, high standard and style. Our aim is to inform you about interesting activities and programmes in each issue of our magazine.

In our autumn issue we have been present at the 100th Hungarian Derby and Fashion Festival, the Miss Health and Beauty Hungary beauty contest, the polo matches in the La Estancia Polo Club, the Rose Ball in the Marriott Hotel and have visited the Móró estate.

Cameron Diaz

She has crossed the line of fifty years of age at the end of August. The Hollywood bomber of romantic comedies, the sometimes silly, dangerous or funny blond found herself in the role of wife and mother of a girl. In 2014 Cameron Diaz retired from acting voluntarily to concentrate solely on her private life and her businesses not connected with filming. Bringing up her daughter, Raddix, the mother’s role became the most important thing in her life. In the movie thought to be the last one for a long time, the family comedy „Annie”, Jamie Foxx, the actor is her partner who could lure her back to the cameras. Netflix did its utmost to convince her to take a role in the production „Back in Action”. After the producers’ long entreaties at last she caved in because after eight years she experienced withdrawal symptoms.

Venice Film Festival

The 79th Mostra di Venezia taking place on the shady Lido between 31th August and 10th September is very promising as far as the quality of the films and the list of the artists are concerned. In 2022 the organisers of the international festival have selected 22 movies. Julianne Moore,  the Academy Award winning actress is the President of Jury that assigns the prizes of the competition section. One Hungarian feature film was selected to take part: „Ordinary Failures”, the second film of Cristina Grosan, director of „Things worth weeping for”. Venice’s uncrowned queen this year is Catherine Deneuve. The French icon together with director Paul Schrader were awarded the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement. Citing the words of Alberto Barbera, Art Director of the Mostra: „Her talent, exceptional delicate beauty made her the face of French cinematography, a timeless diva. It’s difficult to imagine an actress who is more beautiful and less vain.”