2022 Summer

The world’s richest people

Elon Musk tops the World’s Billionaires’ list who comes from South Africa and is a US-Canadian citizen – it turns out from the latest Forbes analysis checked also by our magazine. The head of Tesla stepped forward to the top of the 2022 list from the second place last year. He owns the SpaceX space technology enterprise among several other companies. At present his net wealth amounts to $279 billion. The second on the list is Bernard Arnault, French luxury goods tycoon who supervises Louis Vuitton. His net worth is to $195 billion. At the same time the American Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, a huge E-commerce company which has had the first place on the list of the wealthiest people since 2018 has fallen back to the third place with his $175 billion. The French Francoise Bettencourt Meyers, the richest woman of the world who owns the beauty giant L’Oréal is on the 14th place with her $74, 8 billion.

Real Madrid is Champions League winner

The Champions League ended with the success of Real Madrid directed by the Italian manager, Carlo Ancelotti. The Spanish team winning the European Cup Winners’ Cup and Champions League 14 times could defeat Liverpool 1-0 in the final in Paris, so the Italian specialist became the only man who could get the Champions League trophy with his teams four times and this became a sport history record. The German manager of Liverpool, Jürgen Klopp was also seeking his fifth European Cup final win as a coach. However, while Ancelotti finished first at three out of four, Klopp could win only one out of four finals. Ancelotti’s team became the Champions League winner and the Belgian goalkeeper of Real Madrid, Thibaut Courtois contributed a lot to this. The goalkeeper became the hero of the match in Stade de France in front of 75 thousand viewers and made a total of nine saves as a record at Champions League finals, so he was chosen man of the match.

Mbappe’s Mum said

In the middle of May it seemed that Paris Saint-Germain bowed to the loss and Real Madrid considered it a fact that the world star of the French club, Kylian Mbappé would continue his football carrier in the Spanish capital starting from the new season. However, after a few days the bomb blew up in the news: the 23 year old world classic player, a world champion with his national team changed his mind. Although he had really promised to work with the Royal team of Madrid, at last he decided to stay at home and play at PSG till June 2025. Of course, for a fortune … He received a sum of 300 million euro in exchange for the extension of his contract and will get a salary of 100 million euro for a season. This provides earnings of 1, 9 million per week and thus he becomes the best-paid player of PSG.

Darts at high level

The Hungarian Darts Show held in the MVM Dome was characterised by crazy atmosphere and fanatic fans. The living classic players of this sport like Phil Taylor, the 16 times world champion and the greatest living legend Michael van Gerwen, furthermore Raymond van Barneveld and Gerwin Price played doubles tournaments with their Hungarian rivals. Modern darts was born in 1896 thanking to an English carpenter, Brian Gamlin. He found out the number order of the darts board but the history of the game goes back to England of the 14th century. English soldiers killed time with throwing spearheads to target not to get bored between two battles. However, Henry VIII was an enthusiastic player too who was pleased to use the arrows specially decorated by Anne Boleyn. Nowadays nearly fifty million people deal with this sport as a hobby, the winners can share millions of prize money.

Forever waterpolo

„I have always liked better the complexity of teaching where the real success for me is expressed in the results of my players, competitors, teams.” – we could learn from Gábor Godova. The coach started his carrier in Vasas Izzó, then worked with the team of its successor, Tungsram. He played waterpolo for nearly ten years. After his active sport carrier his activity as a coach started and held several positions except for the head coach of the men’s senior national team. He dealt with all age groups, starting from 11 till seniors. There were a few Olympic champions among his students like Dr Gergő Kiss and Rajmund Fodor. He reached the top of his coach’s carrier in 2006 and became the head coach of the women’s senior national team. Since 2015 he has been working at the waterpolo division of ASI DSE where he has been director for three years.

100 Member Gipsy Orchestra

The 100 Member Gipsy Orchestra awarded with the Hungarian Heritage prize is a unique orchestra all over the world. Its members are mainly musicians of gipsy origin who apart from the classical music pieces of Liszt, Bartók, Kodály, Brahms and Strauss play Hungarian gipsy music too. We talked with Nándor Beke Farkas, President. Unlike its name, the 100 Member Gipsy Orchestra had 140 musicians when it was established, today it has only 116. The President takes part at all the rehearsals, even if he does not play all the time. Because of numerous organisational and administrative tasks he rarely has capacity to do what he really loves: playing the violin. He comes from a traditional family of musicians. His son, Nándor who is also an internationally recognised violinist inherited his love of music.

Hotel Abacus

The Abacus Business & Wellness Hotel**** Superior is located 25 km from Budapest, in Herceghalom. The hotel’s inspiring atmosphere, innovative environment and uncompromising gastronomical philosophy makes it the ideal place for family vacations, wellness weekends, conferences, business meetings and even weddings. The chef, Ferenc Toth, whose resume boasts with extensive foreign experience, uses simple, local and seasonal ingredients from Zsambek’s basin in his dishes. The majority of the spices he uses are grown in the kitchen’s own garden. Their dishes draw on both international sensibilities as well as the traditional Hungarian sense of taste; all while using modern culinary technology. The combination of gastronomical pleasures with a peaceful, familiar atmosphere and modern environment translate into more than half the guests being regulars. Their success was further confirmed when Abacus Business & Wellness Hotel won the title of Best Rural Business and Conference Hotel in Hungary.ú

Salads and vegetables

In the summer heat we don’t want to have heavy meals, however, we can fill up our vitamin store nearly for the whole year with raw but rich salads, endless variations of ratatouille and very tasteful vegetables. It is simple to keep in mind a few principles regarding salads and we can diversify them to a great extent. Let’s choose a kind of salad or a few kinds of it but we can buy a ready-made mixture too. Then let’s make a dressing. The simplest one is vinaigrette which consists of three portions of oil, one portion of vinegar or citrus. After all the topping can be e.g. boiled egg, ham, cheese, bread cubes, roasted seeds (pumpkin, almond, nut), olive, fried fish or canned fish, fruits (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, apple cut into thin slices, pear, grape, etc.). As a matter of fact, creativity has no limits here.

Boathouse Budapest

The aim of Boathouse Budapest, the port of tastes is to provide outstanding gastronomic experience in a friendly environment. The highest standard Hungarian materials are used both in the kitchen and the bar of the restaurant where cocktails and speciality drinks await the guests. Everybody can find his/her favourite among their meals: light starters and salads, fish, meat and mouth-watering desserts. Tamás Bába found out the concept and the design inspired by his passion for catering and sailing. Today its fruit is called Boathouse Budapest situated in the 2nd district of Budapest, No. 79 Hidegkúti út. This sensational project could not have been realised without Norbert Húsi, chef who is a professional, at the same time a friend and the cornerstone of the team.

Floating table

Árpád László, the owner of the Robinson Restaurant started his professional carrier in 1976. He started to work in the Hilton when it opened and continued in the Düsseldorf Hilton. He became independent in 1986 and started to realise his own ideas. As his first idea he opened an Italian-type ice cream bar in the City Park. After this, walking at the dry pond of the City Park the thought was born in his head: water, island, and restaurant. Árpád opened the Robinson Restaurant on 16th June 1989. Recently the first floating table of the country has been inaugurated under the aegis of Robinson. All night long eight people can have dinner of several courses in an intimate environment, mood, separated, making circles on the pond, on nearly twenty square metres. There will be cigar and cognac nights, rum tour and girls’ dreams about marriage proposal will come true here.

Riso Restaurant & Terrace

The popular restaurant of the capital, the Riso Restaurant & Terrace is situated at the bottom of Buda Castle, next to Vienna Gate where in addition to delicious pizzas visitors can choose from several kinds of risotto, a variety of meat dishes, home-made noodles and other mainly traditional Italian and Hungarian meals. „ A new hotel was built here in 2008, the predecessor of our restaurant opened as a part of it. The philosophy of the people running the restaurant differed from ours, and we have tried to make it public since summer 2011.” – said László Takács, owner. He revealed that the word terrace was included in the name not by chance, as the guests can really feel they are in the middle of a different world, and idyllic Mediterranean environment when they take a seat at the tables of the terrace with eighty places surrounded by rich green vegetation.

Attracted by big numbers

Event organisation, catering and restaurant managing is not a simple profession and stadium catering is an especially unique task. Gólvonal Bistro at the bottom of the Groupama Arena demands a completely different but also high level activity like VIP or wide public catering. László Gáldi, Executive Manager spoke about the work behind the walls of the stadium. „Big numbers decide the life of Groupama Arena. We can serve nearly three thousand people offering high quality food, a great variety of drinks by qualified staff at our VIP events. In addition to this we manage 34 Sky Boxes. Quantity may exist only with quality for Stadion Event and Gólvonal Bistro. Our anthropocentric philosophy characterises the everyday work which corresponds to the motto summarising the philosophy of Eventrend Group: „Every moment matters!”


Márk Janovszky has created a new category in the world of desserts. His ice cream dessert is a mixture of different textures in the form of a cold dessert. Its basic element is ice cream and other components are added that improve the experience of consuming ice-cream. The emphasis is on the complexity of the dessert, the combinations provide its uniqueness. Nine types of ice cream desserts and seven types of the same taste can be bought in packages. He had an idea what kind of feeling his brand wants to convey and what represents. „I summarised it on 18 pages and after reading it a brand manager said only this: „It’s like walking above the clouds”. Cloud9, Walking in air came from this, the aphorism of happiness above the clouds.”

Alcohol in the kitchen

If alcohol and gastronomy are in one sentence, the wine consumed at meals, an artisan beer drunk during a grill party in the garden, the aperitifs or the digestive liquors come to most people’s minds but the role of alcohol in gastronomy is more far-reaching. There are hardly any processes of making food when it is not possible to use any kind of alcohol and its effect on the result largely depends on the time when we add it to the food. We must not leave out wine, beer, gin or cognac and liquors. Let’s use our fantasy in the kitchen and be brave to add our favourite alcohol while pickling, cooking or even flambéing. There is only one rule but it’s very important! If a drink is not good enough for us to drink, it’s not suitable for cooking either.

Unlimited energy

Mariann Berényi liked special challenges already as a teenager. At 16 she got involved in parachuting and knew that she would make emphasis on numbers and books, so Mariann has been the head of an auditor company for twenty years. At last transfer pricing became the winner, it was interesting for her how the affiliated enterprises set their prices. She founded her current firm, the Altamix Ltd. ten years ago. A fantastic professional team works with her, continually delivers lectures, holds courses, writes articles concerning transfer pricing. Mariann is a permanent member of the transfer pricing forum of the tax authority, was the first to write a book about this subject in 2015 titled „About transfer pricing easily”. ”I have a lot of plans for the future. My children are adults, successful, have happy marriage and family, so I can realise my desire for freedom, e.g. flying has come back to my life again.”

Team’s story

Bertalan Hajtós likes to play very much and always wants to win. As a matter of fact, two films, „The Game” and the „Game Night” gave impetus to his idea. He wanted something similar but still different. „We chose top category actors who are admired and honoured and can play the roles and stories in a professional way. I knew what we wanted, for whom and how. Now we are able to amuse 20-300 people at the same time. One of the secrets of our exclusive VIP service, the parlour game planned for the given team of a company is that we provide something new and better each time. Our thrilling reality indoor games based on real stories are played live by you and top category film actors of Hungary who are near at hand. Our cinematic stories are a combination of team-building programmes like investigation dinners, escape rooms, treasure hunting, decoding games and theatre.”

Love Lamp

Andrea Harcos, the founder of Love Lamp started her carrier as a journalist of a daily newspaper in 2004. After four years she started to work at the Television and then in the film industry for seven years. She has gained knowledge of human nature, started writing, learnt how to react to unexpected situations promptly and gained other useful experience during the years spent in the media. However, Love Lamp is her real world. „The individual orders are my real love. I was born for this, I can see myself creating something even when I’m hundred years old. The intimacy, creative process that gooses me is indescribable when inspired by the orderer’s personality and environment I can create something personal and unrepeatable. My profession has been my love since Love Lamp exists. It’s a great strength if you have a profession and not work. I am just on the threshold of the international success and at the same time I can see and feel in my cells and experience that more and more people understand and feel the essence of my creative activity. The limit is the sky with stars.”

Insurance after pandemic

Aerial view of tropical beach. Saona island, Dominican republic

In spring 2022 parallel with the remission of the pandemic, travels and tourism have revived. The permanent insurance expert of our magazine, Csaba Szekeres has attracted the attention that it is reasonable to take out insurances even in such a period when the Covid situation is improving. He has stressed that in case of accident or illness or if something happens to our luggage, insurance can be of assistance. Risks, danger always exist and if being abroad we get into trouble and do not have passenger insurance, we may receive a bill of a tremendous sum from the medical insurance company. In his opinion the medium or the biggest insurance package covers the main fields of insurance. He mentioned the third party liability as a new type which helps to cover the costs of those individuals who cause damage abroad.

Golden life

The above address of the Hungarian series characterises the convertibles presented in our summer issue. Porsche has the most fantastic offer. The fastest among them is the Turbo S Cabriolet that speeds up to 200 km/h in 8, 7 sec. One can go only upwards from here, as it is difficult to boost the experience given by the Bentley and Rolls-Royce. Only in case you are thinking of a Bentley Bacaler. The ship has sailed because all the twelve cars are sold out. Its price is 1, 5 million pounds … We finish the listing of cabriolets with the German premium car factories and the Lexus. The LC model of the Japanese brand is accessible both in the form of coupe and convertible. It’s special because of its engine without a turbo charger similar to R8. The Audi is a real sports car because its V10 engine is situated behind the two seats. The new Mercedes SL marketed recently has become the match for the BMW 8 Cabriolet.

Japanese against blue oval


We have tested two Japanese cars in our summer issue. Nissan Micra follows the traditional recipe of small cars. The interior of the test car is covered with leather to excel. If it wasn’t enough, it is made more charming with automatic gear-box without speed settings. Toyota Yaris Cross is a SUV, a strong rival of the classic small cars. The high standard hybrid type is equipped with four-wheel drive and all kinds of extras to indulge us. It can be seen also on its price … The Galaxy updated with hybrid drive was more special compared to the two Ford cars.  This car became popular by its large interior and ridiculously low petrol consumption. The newest model of Ford is the Mustang Mach-E which is the first model of this brand especially designed to be an electric car. The environmental-friendly Mustang is characterised by 350 km range, speeding up to 100 km/h in 5, 8 seconds.

Social life

Through our social events column, we want our readers to gain insight into various, in our opinion high level and exclusive events, parties, inaugurations, film, theatre premieres and fashion shows, exhibitions, concerts, sports events, etc. The list is endless but the various events have something in common: the high quality, high standard and style. Our aim is to inform you about interesting activities and programmes in each issue of our magazine.

The list is endless but there something still common among the various events, the high quality, high standard and style. Our aim is to inform you about interesting activities and programs in each issue of our magazine.

In our summer issue we have been present at the painting exhibition of Karolina Sávolt, a Blue Night party, the Diplomats Polo Cup and a birthday party welcoming summer.

Bruce Willis

Don’t worry, live! One of the most soft-hearted stars of the film industry, Bruce Willis who resigned from acting at the age of 67 started his life and film carrier with this credo. Aphasia has been diagnosed recently that hinders his ability to speak and write. The doctors suspect Alzheimer disease but it is more probable that he had stroke or head damage. There are assumptions that during shooting „Tears of the Sun” a dummy bullet hit him on the forehead which caused sleeping and concentration disorders. The world savior super heroe of the Die Hard movies, the boxer of „Pulp Fiction”, the determined warrior of „Armageddon” and „Fifth Element” has burnt the candle at both ends all his life. His easy character by which he finds the way to women goes hand in hand with adoration of children and family orientation. Bruce is the happy father of five girls from two marriages. After Demi Moore Emma Heming Willis American actress and model is his wife.

ZEMA – MOSAIC collection

The new, modern collection of ZEMA, the Hungarian porcelain and jewellery brand is MOSAIC. The emotional elements, the variety of colours make it exciting, unique and unrepeatable. The handmade unique pieces evoke figures of people or animals or charm us only with the play of colours. Not only the colours of the collection are special but also their forms based on the randomisation of a couple of balls. The unique jewellery stimulating the creative mood are at the same time the elements of a capsule collection aiming mainly at the youth and the people who love contemporary art. Those who like the plain and extreme pearls equally, can find the pieces interesting for them. Each is a masterpiece and does not lack extravagance. More and more jewels are created that become part of the ZEMA ROYAL collection.


The most prestigious, most noisy, most elegant festivity of the international filmmakers kicked off with a new President, in war mood, with a celebrity dumping and a demonstration against violence on the French Riviera in 2022. The ironic film of the Swedish Ruben Ostlund, the „Triangle of Sadness” was greeted by a ten-minute applause at the premiere which is a horror story on a luxury yacht with a strong criticism of society. Five years after his tragicomedy „The Square” received the Palm d’Or, the director was awarded the same prize for the second time. The Dardenne brothers got the 75th Jubilee Festival Award with their film about two African refugees’ friendship. Claire Denis shared the Jury’s Grand Prix with the youngest director of 31 from Belgium. Lukas Dhon cinematised the story of two young teenagers’ friendship for life.