2022 Spring

Conquest of space

Jules Verne, a genius seeing the future foresaw a space flight already in the middle of the 1880s in his novel „Travel to the Moon”. The firing mechanism existing only in the writer’s fantasy and the „cannon fodders„ became reality much later. The development of space technics increased to a great extent only in the 20th century. The malignancy of the cold war unfolding in the second half of the fifties, the ideological, political and military opposition lasting several decades were present in the space rivalry too. From time to time the Russians, then the Americans prevailed, later the launch of artificial satellites and the manned space flights were followed by new steps. Our article covers the history of the conquest of space starting from the first revolving around Earth and stepping on the Moon through the appearance of the space stations till the reality of our time: the cosmos business when well-to-do non-professionals pay for their private space travel.


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House of Hungarian Music

If you are heading for the House of Hungarian Music inaugurated in the City Park at the end of January, you will have a magic view. It is an undoubted fact: the capital and the country has been enriched by a building with wonderful form and content, whose exterior and interior are in perfect harmony. András Batta, Executive Director and Márton Horn, Operative Director spoke about the main facts, among others that the building designed by Fujimoto Su, the Japanese star architect had deserved several outstanding international awards even before it was built. The wide public was fond of the House created as part of the Liget project, it has become a real miracle shaped to fit the green environment perfectly. „There are things that are beyond everyday politics, and the House of Hungarian Music has enriched the Hungarian culture by such values that will show the way for fifty or a hundred years” – said the Director to our magazine.

Almar Jesolo Resort & Spa

Almar Jesolo Resort & Spa is situated in the quiet part of Jesolo, not far from the popular walking street and only 30 minutes from Venice. Thanking to the high standard of the hotel services and the staff’s careful attention paid even to the small details, the Resort has become the symbol of an Adriatic luxury holiday. The contemporary design, the elegant furniture, the huge glass surfaces provide extremely elegant and unique atmosphere. Time and space play a decisive role in the philosophy of the hotel. Its main goal is to provide quality time for its guests. The big space creates special, timeless contact with the Resort and its amazing environment. The hotel is situated on 12.000 square metres, each of its 195 rooms and suites has a large terrace and balcony overlooking the seaside and partly the garden.


István Tóth celebrated his birthday in an exotic country. He decided on Jamaica, as he has never been there. „On our way we had a transit only in Frankfurt, and the big plane landed in the second largest city of Jamaica, Montego Bay.” The whole country is crazy about Bob Marley, his most famous songs, e.g. „Gonna be all right” can be heard everywhere whose music made Rastafarian religion widespread all over the world. István could enjoy the best sights of Jamaica in Montego Bay, Negril and the beautiful waterfall, Ocho Rios which falls from 183 metres and the famous „Blue Cave”. However, his experience gained during his white-water rafting on pile rafts is the most long-lasting one. Peace and tranquillity is felt everywhere, they travelled in nature in such an atmosphere, somewhere in the world, towards the sea …

Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal has left his two rivals, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic standing, both having twenty victories, and now he is the most successful member of the Big Three with his 21st Grand Slam title. The Spanish tennis star created tennis sport history at the Australian Open in Melbourne, thus outrivalled his Swiss and Serbian challengers in the special competition that had been taking place for many years to win the title of the world’s best male tennis player. The 35 year old Nadal won at the 2022 opening match of the Grand Slam series containing the four highest-ranking tournaments, and he may receive his 22nd title at the French Open, the Roland Garros in Paris in June. It’s a question if the 34 year old No. 1 tennis player in the world, Djokovic will play there who was deported from Melbourne because of his failure to get the compulsory vaccination, and also the 40 year old Federer who is recovering from his multiple knee operation and has not played for a long time.

ZEMA – Dubai Collection

The innovative jewellery of ZEMA is present on a few stages at the Dubai Expo. It makes a    hit as the fashion accessory of the hostesses and female managers of the Hungary Pavilion. After a survey this brand had to take into consideration Lőrinc Csernus’s, the designer’s idea, the uniform and mainly the conception characteristic for the whole Hungary Pavilion (Aqua-Roots). Our waters and natural resources in the spotlight, wonderful interactive exhibition, amazing show … Of course, we are here as ZEMA, an environmental conscious, developing porcelain and fashion brand which is proud of its Hungarian culture and past. It’s a great pleasure to be part of this miracle. The ZEMA – Dubai Collection has reached its target group with its simple, clean, minimalist forms.

Hajnalka Tórizs Head Couture

Two years ago Hajnalka Tórizs created her fashion collection reflecting her own style in addition to the special and unique head-dresses and hats. She represents a fine, classical elegant line which is very much emphasized in her works. It’s only natural as she represents such a style herself and can best implement it in the clothes designed by her and also in the process of designing and workmanship. Her pieces of art are characterised not by showy but moderate appearance and magic colours. If she uses a bit brighter colours, she dampens them in an excellent way and makes the whole picture extremely elegant. She is such a designer who dares dream big, even a dream world resplendent in all the colours of the seasons. By realising all this she creates wonderful clothes of women’s elegance, may those be everyday, elegant ones or wedding dresses.

„Details are always the most exciting.”

Júlia Pocsalyi received her diploma at the Environmental Culture Department of the Applied Art Institute, she is a decorator, interior and environmental designer. Besides, she is officially an artist, as became a member of the National Association of Hungarian Artists. Her juried works, pieces of art can be seen at exhibitions, showrooms or other events. Júlia is inspired by the surrounding world, her travels, a building made by people or the desert in itself as a form of nature or the flora and fauna. In addition to silk scarf painting and art of painting nowadays the artist concentrates mostly on her enamel pieces of art. The size of her enamel pictures ranges from 30×30 cm to 50×50 cm. She portrays great personalities of the present and past in her works, they may be painters, graphic artists and architects.

Hotel Abacus

The Abacus Business & Wellness Hotel**** Superior is located 25 km from Budapest, in Herceghalom. The hotel’s inspiring atmosphere, innovative environment and uncompromising gastronomical philosophy makes it the ideal place for family vacations, wellness weekends, conferences, business meetings and even weddings. The chef, Ferenc Toth, whose resume boasts with extensive foreign experience, uses simple, local and seasonal ingredients from Zsambek’s basin in his dishes. The majority of the spices he uses are grown in the kitchen’s own garden. Their dishes draw on both international sensibilities as well as the traditional Hungarian sense of taste; all while using modern culinary technology. The combination of gastronomical pleasures with a peaceful, familiar atmosphere and modern environment translate into more than half the guests being regulars. Their success was further confirmed when Abacus Business & Wellness Hotel won the title of Best Rural Business and Conference Hotel in Hungary.

30 year carrier

Attila Sasvári’s life is catering which can be done only with love. He finds the joyous moments of his profession day by day, even after 30 years, may it be just laying the table … „In 1990 at the age of 21 I started in Bajor Sarok Beer Restaurant, I can say it was my first working place in catering.” Than the Columbus Ship followed. In the years of 2000 he became the owner of Leonardo Cafe. The next was Kis Herceg Villa and the Protocol Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, then Amnis Bistro and Robinson. In 2017 a new mark appeared in his life, Prézli, as he has never worked in a self-service restaurant. Today Green and 8m2 also belong to him. He is the boss at home only in one place: the kitchen. It’s only him who cooks and always tries to surprise his beloved ones with something new.

The alternative use of tea

If someone hears the word „tea”, immediately a drink comes to his/her mind, either a perfect warm and refreshing drink made from high quality tea leaves using appropriate technology, or ice tea that contains tea only in trace quantities. However, there is much more perspective and fantasy in tea. If we take into consideration the alternative use, we should think of spicing first.  Another big field which is unexploited in many households is pickle or marination with tea. Let’s not be afraid to pickle meat, vegetables in spicy tea, as we can make our dishes really special by this and can conjure up interesting colours on our table. The next big field of use is rooibos especially suitable for steaming. When smoking, the smoke of the dry tea leaves gives exceptional aroma to the dishes made by this method.

Let’s find the moment of tea!

Many people don’t understand why is tea a big thing, as we have been drinking it since childhood when we hang the small teabag into boiled water and add some sugar and lemon. So the hot drink is ready that reminds us mainly of a kind of warm lemonade, but it is a bit more brown and has some sour taste. Maybe by spicing it with some fruit aroma, we can make it a warm fruity drink. It’s worth drinking tea not only in winter but also in each season and we always find such kind and style of tea that suits the current period. Thus fresh green teas match spring, these types can be drunk also in summer in cold brew version after long soaking. The ripe fruity vulongs match autumn, while in winter the dark puer similar to duff and walnuts may give us energy. Everybody should find his/her own tea!

World record runner

In 1992, being a teenager, Viktória Szilasi covered the Olympics. Later she worked for the BBC and then became a successful professional poker player. She gave it up because of the family but went on dealing with real estates even when having a family. At present she leases 13 houses in the United States. Viktória started sport after her third daughter’s birth and won the Hungarian Ironman Championship, and recently she has beaten the world record in the 72 hour run. Today she is known as Viktória Brown after her husband and on top of that she manages her firm producing food with low carbo-hydrate. One of the secrets of her success is to let the others do what they know much better. The other secret is endurance. If you decide something, you must do it, learn and read a lot about it and go forward. This is the common feature of her success.

Ado, the Tiger

Those who believe in the Chinese horoscope, could start 2022 knowing that it is really their year if born in the year of the Tiger. The hero of our article, Liu Shaoang – by his popular name Ado – was born on 13th March 1998 in Budapest, as a child of a Hungarian mother and Chinese father. He confirmed the optimism of those who believe in astrology when at the age of 24 (2×12), got victory of sport history as a real tiger: In February at the snowy and icy Beijing Winter Olympics he became the first Winter Olympic champion of Hungary. Being a greatly valued figure of short track speed-skating also at international level for a long time he reached the top of his carrier deserving his gold medal in 500 metre with amazing skating. Ado who is a double Olympic champion considering wining with Team Hungary in 2018 can continue his glorious carrier in 2026 in Milano.

In the spirit of quality and demand

József Horváth studied to become a building engineering technician, then worked in trade for 15 years where he dealt mainly with shoes. Then he returned to his original profession and now manages his own construction investments and projects as a company owner. „After my studies I dealt with buying, making and selling of shoes for one and a half decades, then lived in China a year. In 2008 I returned to my original profession and became independent in 2014. Today I can boast about 18 houses built by me. We always use high quality construction materials and cooperate with international manufacturers. In 2022 my biggest project was the building of an apartment house on a 2000 square metre site in Budapest 3rd district on Rókahegy which meets all the demands of the 21st century.”


An innovatory businessman, creative and inspiring personality, writer and blogger… Gergely Spilák’s life story started nearly forty years ago in Szombathely. After the matriculation examination he graduated from Dániel Berzsenyi Teacher Training College with a diploma of IT and technics teacher. He did not want to work in this profession, so started his carrier with an Austrian financial company. At the age of 23 he found himself in deep water: “I made lectures, dealt with sales, attended courses of professional and personality development and then directed a team.” After three years of working as a mid-level manager, he headed for Vienna. He started to write down his thoughts in a book on the basis of the gained experience, so in 2011 he came out with the first book published by him: Success Grammar … At present he lives in Budapest and is an important bridge between the Austrian and Hungarian market. Besides, soon he will appear with a new fashion brand, the SPILGERY, creating a few iconic pieces.

WELL Ambassador in Hungary

Regina Kurucz graduated from the secondary school in Szeged, then studied architecture. In addition to German she learnt English, Italian and Esperanto. At the university she had the possibility to spend a year in the USA, in Sacramento, getting scholarship and worked for Scantec Architects as an intern. After receiving her diploma at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics she was employed by Bánáti + Hartvig Architecture Bureau in 2005. Her daughter was born in 2012, then in 2013 continued her studies at the faculty of building energy engineering. After getting the new diploma she attended the WELL AP course and she is the only WELL Faculty and Active Score AP. Starting from this period her goal became to spread WELL Building Standard, according to which built environment plays an important role in our quality of life. She has been the head of the WELL Working Group of the Hungary Green Building Council (HuGBC) from the beginning and now she works as a freelancer consultant.

„In My Style”

Szilvia Mitterer was born in Budapest and she took to loving the beautiful textiles, nice materials in her childhood. After the matriculation examination she lived and worked in Belgium nearly two years, in addition to English she learned French too. „After returning home I got a job with an IT – telecommunication company and this determined my fate more than 25 years ago. The „In My Style” Showroom was established in 2019 that is a really special meeting place of the ladies who are fond of unique dresses in Buda. It wasn’t a question to give the name „In My Style” to the shop, I designed the whole furniture and interior myself. The atmosphere is important, I think you have to arrive there to be ready for the conversation about the common planning. I design only such clothes I would wear any time myself but it also means that those who buy them, must feel the dresses belong to them. My slogan is: Come and design your own dress!”


At the beginning of this year the White & Gold exclusive colourful evening evoking joyful atmosphere was held at a fantastic party organised by Judit Molnár, the event manager and hostess of It’s Your World. The event took place in the B72 Studio and Event Centre in the heart of Downtown. As it is usual at the colourful events, fashion, make-up and this time also gems played an outstanding role. The participants could taste fine wines and champagnes in addition to the gastronomy wonders served in white. Time flew – in the spirit of white colour there was some snowfall that night – and we started the year with our guests in festive mood.

Our next colourful programme:

BLUE NIGHT 5th May 2022

Registration: info@itsyourworld.hu

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/itsyourworld.hu

Discipline, attention, patience

Roland Berki’s family works in construction, thus the owner of Berki Generál Ltd. has held a straight course to prevail in this field. In 2017 he established his own company, Berki Generál Ltd. He set the aim of representing such quality and professional level in an extremely strong competition by which he excels among his rivals. He would rather get less profit but does not decrease the quality. The firm is characterised by reliability, if they undertake something for a certain sum, they carry it out at high level. RS Home Ltd, their own resale company sells mainly Indian and Iranian coverings and sanitary equipment. Roland Berki has left his mark on the construction industry. He started as a sub-contractor with a yearly turnover of 35 million, and today he manages a firm with more than a billion forints. His main principle is discipline, attention, patience.


RS Home Ltd., the resale company of Roland Berki, the well-known building entrepreneur, investor and constructor provides high standard coverings and sanitary equipment for the apartment houses built by Berki Generál Ltd. Naturally they await the buyers in their shop in Szeged and their showroom in Budapest which opened recently. „In the last few years we met several thousand different demands, as each of our clients has various idea about the bathroom, kitchen, sitting-room and bedroom or pool of his/her dreams, in brief the everyday living space. We elaborated our range of products on the basis of the classical, long-lasting colours and forms, furthermore the modern trends of 2021. In this way we can guarantee that we will realise any idea you may have using materials of excellent quality.”


Reasoned design, high standard construction. The luxury real estate on the most popular area of Pestszentimre can be characterised like this. The two-storey, 280 square metre house is built on a huge, nearly 350 square site. „In addition to the nice flora, our garden is decorated by a 5×10 metre pool which can be reached also from the winter garden. After entering the house a huge, 70 square metre sitting-room with an American-type kitchen, two bathrooms, two bedrooms and two wardrobes can be found. On the first floor our bathroom, two large bedrooms and more than 50 square metre common space awaits us.” We could learn from Dr. Abermanné Dr. Csilla Koltai senior physician, anaesthetist that she is giving up her wonderful home which meets all the demands because she wants to be as near as possible to her family, her grandchildren living in Buda.

2021 Athlete of the Year

The Hungarian Sports Journalists’ Association awarded the most prominent athletes of the year for the 64th time. The voting evaluating the performances of 2021 was mostly based on the Olympics in Tokyo: considering the opinion of nearly 400 Hungarian journalists, Olympic gold medal winners took the top places of the most popular categories. It was announced at the awards gala in January in the National Theatre that in the individual category of women Tamara Csipes and that of men Áron Szilágyi walloped. Csipes became Olympic champion in Tokyo not only in single but also as a member of the winning kayak four. The best Hungarian male athlete is Áron Szilágyi who won the Olympic sabre competitions for the third time in a row. His master, András Decsi deserved the title of the Coach of the Year, and in traditional team sports the Hungarian women’s water polo team having the bronze medal of the Tokyo Olympics became the best.

Abacus Carnival

The guests of the Abacus Hotel could take part in a hilarious carnival party organised by the management. More than 150 people were present wearing good, imaginative and smart fancy dresses. Someone dressed as Jack Sparrow, Cruella or Al Capone. There were religious costumes like priests and bishops. At the same time hippies or Elvis Presley and Freddie Mercury could also be seen. There were pairs who changed costumes with each other. Naturally, you did not miss the super heroes like Batman, Catwoman and Spiderman.

THULE – Always together!

Herbály Autó Ltd. is a featured partner of Thule. We can be sure that we will get the highest quality service in their shop. Is the car’s trunk not enough? The roof box solves the problem, it increases the storage space. It is characterised by stylish design, reduced air drag and noise. Winter or summer sport? There is solution for everything. Choosing from the great variety of bicycle carriers we can transport the bicycles on the roof, the back door or drawbar.   We can carry anything with Thule carrying devices that can be fixed easily and used comfortably. Thule places emphasis not only on car carriers. It offers a wide assortment of exclusive, stylish rucksacks, laptop bags. According to its slogan „Active with kids”, Thule offers sporty baby buggies, so the families with small children will not be out of adventures. Their most popular product is the Thule UrbanGlide.

Best Buys

You can read about two car tests in our spring issue. One of our tested cars boasts about its excellent resale value, the other with its wonderful value for money. Toyota Corolla has a 1, 5 – litre, 125 – horse power engine, an extremely simple mechanism. This is the guarantee of good resale value and everyday use, luckily the three cylinder engine has quite a faint sound. The SsangYong Tivoli Grand is equipped with a four cylinder, 163 – horse power turbo engine and this is a completely different quality. The most attractive feature of the Korean SUV which has had a slight „facelift” is its price. The excellent price together with a correct equipment is one of the strongest arguments for it on the Hungarian market of new cars.


The Chicago Car Show held in the middle of February is an excellent opportunity for us to look around overseas. Recently the car showrooms have lost their importance a bit and if it had not been enough, pandemic restrictions followed… Meanwhile the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) held in Las Vegas is becoming more and more popular where nearly all the car producers are present. Naturally, in addition to the changes of the car showrooms we give information on the newest car novelties overseas. There are two trends: the SUV and the pickup. More and more electric versions of pickups appear and it gives hope that the environmentally friendly electric cars become quite widespread in the United States.

Bradley Cooper

Azure eyes, 184 cm height, leisure, sporty physique, charming, a little mysterious smile: the 47 years old Bradley Cooper is the Hollywood male icon of our era. Once they fought neck and neck with Ryan Gosling in the competition for the popularity among women. In 2015 he was elected to the hundred most influential people of the world. It can be said about Bradley Cooper that passage of time has been useful for him, the experiences gained with the wrinkles have improved his acting qualities. Starting from the guitarist of „A Star is Born” he has won the movie fans’ hearts and minds. Cooper who has proved his talent also as a director, continues his career in music: at present he portrays the life of a really great artist, Leonard Bernstein. The producers of the movie „Maestro” among others are Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese. The role of the legendary composer-conductor is played by Cooper himself.

94. Oscar Gala Event

Viewers from more than two hundred countries could see the live Oscar Gala from the Dolby Theater in Hollywood. The three female guns of humor were asked by the producers of the gala as a host trio to put a smile on their guests faces. Regina Hall, Amy Schumer, and Wanda Sykes were asked to do the business. “We want people to be prepared to have a good time. It’s time to enjoy!” – highlighted by one of the producers, Will Packer. Among the award winners, former Oscar winners this year have highlighted the event with Lady Gaga, Kevin Costner, Chris Rock, Zoe Kravitz, Rosie Perez. After the coronavirus, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and war rewrote the previously unforgettable parties: one of the biggest after-party organizers has deleted the party from his calendar, and the remaining money, millions of dollars, will be donated to UNICEF ​​to help the victims of the war, to support victims, and their families.